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Savvy Debonair 04-07-2010 08:59 AM

Oh my Gosh, What next?
Im looking for suggestions, opinions and advice.

Red again, is mucking up. Today, i lunged him at the walk, were just learning how to do this pace on a lunge. we had to build a circle for him to work in, else he drags you all over the field, out of witches hats. No problems there, except for the fact, i have to lead him around, he will not walk without walking back to the centre, no amount of whip shaking cracking or directing moves him. He just stands and faces you. If you 'chase' him out, he really does think he's being attacked and bucks, throws his head, pigroots, and farts....?

I Have bare backed him in just a halter , while my mum lead. He does this beautifully. With a bridle only, He bloody walks all over the place, his head goes in a different direction from the rest of his body, who ever said a horse must follow his head, has'nt met red. :S He absolutly resists being controlled, pulling his head so he's straight and directed, makes him throws his head, and carry on.

Undersaddle today was, Horrible. Saddled him up, attached girth and stirrups, no huge dramas, except he was extremely jumpy. Though the weather was crap. Lead him to the middle of the circle. Mounted up using my milk crate. He twitched, tossed his head, chucked it to the ground, shook it, swung it back and fourth, walked in wierd twisty things. Im thinking it's the bridle, i looked at were the bit is sitting, it's close to his wolf teeth, or tushes i think their called. I think they might bang.

So we took the bridle of, im seriously considering getting him a hackamore or something of the like, because he seems to detest the bridle. Though that could be dental. So i put the halter on him, mounted him back up, with protest, he moved away, so we backed him up, so he tossed his head, shoved against mum, threw his head around. Then he, Reared. What made him do this i have absolutly no idea. any ideas?

Things we have ruled out -
Any medical Issues,
We've had his back, hooves, legs, eyes and everything in between checked out by the vet.
Ill fitting tack. We got the saddle fitters to come out, they also fitted the bridle, so i dunno bout that one there.

Things we Have'nt
Teeth. But it's being done next tuesday.

We have kind of decided, that he has forgotten after being in his 6mth break, or he just does'nt respect people, deffinatly not my mum, he'll walk all over her if he could. I do n't tolerate anything silly from the ground. But mum is a bit freaky, and even from a metre away he knows it.

So we were looking towards getting him trained, were a bit annoyed, he did'nt seem anything like this when we bought him. Though his owner did get on a really ride him hard, lots and lots of kicking, she looked really stupid doing it, all hunched up and tucked in. Not a good look, and he did'nt look good either. I rode him after she did, and had to do the same thing. Though he responds to clucking/kissing, and voice commands. Very well.

The trainer seems our best bet though.

ridergirl23 04-07-2010 09:41 AM

he doesn't respect you or any other human it soilunds like. That bucking/fit he throws when you send him out on the lungline? That's him thinking he's boss, I would chafe him around the pen until he went the way I wanted, and put his head low to the ground and chewed. He better KNOW he's being attacked and dominated by you. Not the nicest words, but it might take some dominence (I can't think of a better word right now) and after he accepts that then he can become your partner. I was reading and I read a really good qoute about horses and obediance as partners...... I love it and I will find it for you right away!

Try teaching him(or having a trainer to do it) to be more respectful around people. Because even though your mom is a little nervous he should still respect her.
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Savvy Debonair 04-07-2010 09:49 AM

Thank you for your replie Ridergirl. I would love to try the 'Join-up' type methods, if only i had the round yard to work with, though were getting it organised, as ive wanted to do this for a long time.

ridergirl23 04-07-2010 10:08 AM

ya, i find it helps quite a bit, do you have an arena at all? theres no roundpen around here, so i did it in a standard dressage size arena... haha i ran and ran and ran and ran, haha.

oh and its nto really a short qoute.... but its really good, lol , and it helped me understand and stuff. ok well, the book doesnt want to be found right now...... but its called : horses are made to be horses. by franz mairinger (sp?) and he is talking about how there are three kinds of owners... the first one, treats their hrose as an equal, a partner. the second one, treats their horse like a worker, they arent mean or harsh to the horse, but they demand stuff from it. and the third treats his horse like a slave, if a king treats his slaves badly they will run away, or just not do the best job possible. that is a bad way to look at horses, they arent slaves.

the other two types of owners you cant go wrong with. although my favourite is the first. (franz said that)
and then franz went on about how the horse should be looked at like your partner, and he said: when i say partner, i dont mean let him get away with everything, if you were attached with a rope to someone else, and you guys were climbing a cliff, and your partner was fooling around and not listening to you and goofing off, you would stop that behaviour right away, right? otherwise you would both tumble down the cliff. well, as your partner, your horse shouldnt fool around like that either. People need rules and laws so that we can live together, if there were no laws no one would be able to live with eachother because no one would act correctly. Same with horses, they couldnt live in herds if there were no laws because they would not know what to do. so make sure you have solid laws for your horse to understand.

haha its sorta long, but i found it made me think about it really well and stuff. i just love his book! :D haha

PechosGoldenChance 04-07-2010 10:09 AM

The best way to do join-up is in an open pasture or something rather. They say that a horse in a round pen has nowhere else to go, so eventually get so exhausted they give in just to get out and that doesn't really mean they respect you. If you were out in a pasture and had your horse free lunging in a circle around you and wasn't going off to other places, than you've done a great job. I havn't done it like that yet, just in the ring, but I will sometime. But as ridergirl said, this is a major disrespect issue and needs to be handled ASAP because it's only going to get worse/uglier. Good luck to the both of you, and hope you stay safe!!

PechosGoldenChance 04-07-2010 10:10 AM

Ridergirl: Well put!!!

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