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NittanyEquestrian 04-08-2010 10:32 AM

Anyone know anything about the QH line by Vandy?
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I have a registered appendix QH, registered name Vandy's Rae. Girl spelling of Rae on a gelding...I know...I didn't name him. Anyway I'm not familiar with his pedigree and don't have it in front of me so any info on the line would be great! I realize that Vandy himself was a racehorse but wasn't sure if the line itself had branched out into other disciplines or other lines added to the breeding any other performance records.
Just to let you know some more about my gelding...I usually show under Everybody Loves Raymond as I don't do the QH circuit with him. I generally show him in hunters, dressage, teach both english and western lessons off him and at one point he was used as a turnback and penning horse but it wasn't really his forte and neither is WP. Anyone know what the Vandy line is known for? Just curious what my boy's DNA says he should be good at because he defies his conformation in the jumping and dressage arenas very well. He's more of a bulldoggy, heavy on the forehand with short legs and a huge body type so the fact that he jumps as well as he does (4'+) and can do the upper level movements of collection and extension in dressage just amazes me =) Here's a few pics of him too =)

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