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Mike_Admin 04-09-2010 02:58 PM

iPhone vs Android
Things are really getting interesting between the iPhone and Android.

Just yesterday Apple announced that iPhone OS4 would include a number of features people had complained were lacking, including multitasking, folders, etc., not to mention a multiplayer gaming platform. It doesn't seem the "smear campaign" Verizon ran to promote the Droid (remember "iDon't"?) would fly today in the face of these enhancements.

Coincidentally, only a few days earlier my Droid received an update which gave it pinch zoom (a feature the iPhone already had) and a number of other nifty features. My guess is it was timed to keep users of Android phones from straying. That may become more difficult when the iPhone becomes available on other carriers, though.

It's rumored that the iPhone is becoming available on the Verizon network this year. This may not bode well for ATT or the Android platform, since the former stands to lose those customers who switched to its reportedly inferior network just to have an iPhone and the latter may lose users because those who did not leave Verizon and went with Android devices as substitutes for iPhones will no longer have to.

With iPhone's OS4 effectively bridging the gap between the two platforms (many iPhone fans would argue that if there was any gap it was the Android trailing the iPhone), it will be interesting to see what enhancements Android comes out with to stay competitive.

While I'm not a fan of Apple's stronghold on the iPhone's App Store (developers cannot simply make an app for the iPhone and distribute it the same way they can on the Android platform), if all things become roughly equivalent about the two platforms it may only make sense to go with the more pervasive of the two. After all, I'm seeing televisions and other consumer electronics being built with iPhone support included. When it comes to Android, iDon't.

One thing is for sure; this is awesome:

Do you have an iPhone, an Android device, or any thought about the battle between the two?

shmurmer4 04-09-2010 03:43 PM

I absolutely despise apple but, the Iphone still has an upper hand on the androids. Even the Verizon CEO is seeking to add the Iphone to their line up, so that they can better compete with AT&T.

iridehorses 04-09-2010 03:59 PM

We have 5 iPhones (in all 3 versions) in the family - 'nough said.

drafteventer 04-09-2010 04:12 PM

Wait, so does that ARf thing show up on the ground where you point your phone?

Mike_Admin 04-09-2010 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by shmurmer4 (Post 600294)
I absolutely despise apple but, the Iphone still has an upper hand on the androids. Even the Verizon CEO is seeking to add the Iphone to their line up, so that they can better compete with AT&T.

Just out of curiosity, what do you despise about Apple, shmurmer4? I know their marketing campaign with Justin Long made a lot of people either love or hate the brand. You've got to admit, some of them were funny though.


Originally Posted by iridehorses (Post 600314)
We have 5 iPhones (in all 3 versions) in the family - 'nough said.

Unfortunately I think the OS4 updates will only be available for 3GS and newer models. Better sleep with it under your pillow!


Originally Posted by drafteventer (Post 600324)
Wait, so does that ARf thing show up on the ground where you point your phone?

I think you have to be looking through your phone in order to see it. :-) The AR in ARf stands for Augmented Reality, which refers to manipulating the world around you, at least when viewed through the "lens" of your device. To be sure, ARf is not part of the iPhone OS4 but is instead a prototype at a university.

shmurmer4 04-09-2010 11:54 PM

I have an IPhone, I despise apple more so because of their customer base. Also the fact that people think that they cannot get a virus on a mac, and all of those other sorts of stuff. After Final Cut Pro, & ProTools is on PC's and doing well on them, I personally won't have a use for them. If a person isn't in the entertainment industry, a Mac is really just an incredibly simple, over priced computer system. I apologize for the rant.

iridehorses 04-10-2010 06:33 AM

I bought my first computer for Christmas 1984 - an Apple 2C. We remained with apple right through Mac and my sons stayed with it to this day. I had to make a change to PC ~15 years ago due to industry specific software and I never went back.

I admire Apple but I find PC to be more of my liking and certainly much more cost effective. Apple is much more innovative and on the edge then the PC but it's a cost factor for me.

..... Still love my iPhone, though.

Nanaki 06-29-2010 12:21 PM

many more options for androids. that and they don't cripple it and re-release the same phone with more storage, a camera, FM antenna, or something else that should have been in the original one a year later just to squeeze more money out of people. that and apple doesn't allow flash because then users could just play flash games for free and apple wouldn't get their slice of the pie :D

iridehorses 06-29-2010 01:38 PM

Welcome to the forum!

Each release is an upgrade and there is only one version at a time unlike Droid who has several different models which makes a choice rather difficult.

The older versions are still viable, hardly "crippled" as you suggest. My wife still has the original version, and I still have the 2nd version. Both work flawlessly.

It is not like there is a brand new phone every 3 months (as Droid) but the newer versions come out 1 or 2 years after the old one. The new ones have significant improvements which is the reason for the releases. Unlike computers which are out of date as you are walking out of the store, the iphone can be upgraded with new software periodically by the user. I don't believe that the Droid can be.

AT&T has some faults but the iphone is the first phone that I've stuck with since my first cell ~20+ years ago.

ridingismylife2 06-29-2010 01:43 PM

I absolutely LOVE my iPhone
I usually get really bored after I've had a phone for a while and get a new one, but I've had this for almost 2 years now and still love love love it. I feel naked without it haha...

Hate macs though. :P

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