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Thelma 04-09-2010 04:13 PM

A magicv shine beauty bomb for the hair, what can that be?
My horse has incredible 'not shining' coat. His mane and tail is looking like it's allways dirty and dry and his coat lost all shine and beauty. He came to the stables 1 week ago and hes fat and fresh but looks like a old, weak or sick horse. I'm thinking if someone know what I can do to get his coat fresh again like he was last winter, but he is a total reverse to the last time I saw him!:-o

thunderhooves 04-09-2010 04:30 PM

Brush a lot, give less baths, and feed good hay.
you should see how shiny my old mare got with just that!

Scoutrider 04-09-2010 04:37 PM

Some horses loose their bloom over the winter, when it's harder to find good quality forage. My advice to you is to be certain that he's getting the best quality hay possible, pasture as the grass comes back, and perhaps reassess his grain ration (if applicable) and make sure that his nutrient intake is well balanced. A shiny coat comes from the inside out, and no amount of shine in a can can replace good nutrition and condition. Fat does not equal excellent nutrition/condition. Also, check into his deworming schedule. A worm load can produce a duller coat. His teeth may be the culprit as well. If the horse isn't chewing efficiently, nutrients aren't absorbed well.

If minor diet changes and increased grass intake as spring progresses don't do the job, you might look into a feed-through coat supplement. However, I've never met a horse yet who couldn't be brought back from a dull coat with minor feed adjustments, regular and correct deworming, and a daily dose of elbow grease grooming.

Good luck!

Thelma 04-09-2010 06:27 PM

Wow thanks alot! :D this will help help me, I guess :D thanks again and happy horsing :D

rocky pony 04-09-2010 09:14 PM

Is that your horse in your av? If so, what a handsome guy!
Great suggestions given above, good luck giving that a try =)

BigGirlsRideWarmbloods 04-11-2010 01:03 AM

Flaxseed oil (I use Animed Flaxseed Oil ) and a bath with neutral Ph shampoo. I always use Mane N Tail Pro-Tect Medicated Shampoo for the first bath after winter, as it cleans out excess oil but also attacks any grossness (ie. bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi that love grossness).

Flaxseed works from the inside out and the medicated shampoo cleans on more than just a cosmetic level.

Thelma 05-28-2010 05:15 PM

Thanks alot! sorry I comment late. This all worked and he is looking glanzing bomb! my are going to be competing this summer, shining!

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