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noddy 04-11-2010 06:05 AM

My new jumper, Jet.
Okay, so after a bit of a disaster with a sore mare I nearly purchased, I've found, tried out and bought a new horse. I managed to wrangle my friend into taking some photos of my first jumping lesson (it's been a week since I got Jet, and this is the first time we've jumped - mind you he was in work when I bought him). Feel free to rip up both me and Jet, as I'm always looking to hear how I can improve. We did have one oops when he knocked the first rail on the barrels and kinda just went splat on top of them, but he wasn't too bad about it and he went back round for another go after a few snorts and OMGWHAT'STHATs.

Approx. 5-6yo 16hh dapple grey gelding. His brands are very hard to read because of his colour and being clipped (it's a standing argument - I see 13 at the top, but my friend sees 30 and my instructor can't see any of it), but he is definitely a thoroughbred. His owner called him Jet, as she was also unable to identify his brand and he's too old to be chipped.

But he's just adorable. He just has such a pleasant expression, and he's pretty sensitive - it took a little while for me to consciously be lighter with my legs. Jet here will be a challenge, but I'm going to give it a good try - and I'll have my instructor to help me too. Fingers crossed.

Okay, the gear all came with him except the bit. I swapped out the Dr. Bristol he had for a jointed full cheek, because I plain don't like their palate crunching action, but he's got a nice mouth and wasn't strong with the snaffle so I think I'll see how he goes for a while. Anyway, on to the photos. They are pretty big, which is why they're all linked, and a few might be a bit dark on some screens. Sorry. =D



Ohsnap, he's a cribber. Good thing all the yards are metal and the fences have pigtails, eh? =D

Citrus 04-11-2010 07:21 AM

I like his coloring :) Congratulations on finding the right one.

CecilliaB 04-11-2010 08:13 AM

I like him, very pretty boy and looks very willing. Congrats!

maura 04-11-2010 09:41 AM

Since this is the critique section, I feel I have to mention that he isn't jumping in particulary good form in any of the photos posted. His forearm is consistently below horizontal and he isn't tight below the forearm either.

He does look pleasant, willing and athletic. Does he tighten up over larger fences? What type of competition and what level will you be showing?

EventersBabe 04-11-2010 09:42 AM

Stretch that heel more down. in some of the pics you were being left behind and standing in the saddle werent really two pointing. just sorta lift up hands up the neck dont lean on his neck lift your hads up and let him lift you with him. as he goes you go.

Also your stirrups need to be put up 1-2 holes. Your heels are not down in any of them. But that can take time with work and you will if you cant get that try some no stirrup work.
It seems that also that the saddle maybe to small for you.

With some work he will be more of a jumper and be more pleasent then he was in the pictures.

Hes a cute little guy.

dantexeventer 04-11-2010 05:15 PM

Congrats! He's very cute.
You're missing a couple of fundamental elements in your foundation, and one very directly contributes to the other. You would do well to really work on educating your leg - in each of the pictures, you were standing on your toe and thus, losing your leg to the rear. This pushed your upper body forward, and to keep your balance in the air, you were relying heavily on the reins. That also contributed to you getting left behind a couple of times.
I know I sound like a broken record, but I will say to you what I've said to many people - no-stirrups work is your friend! Shorten your stirrups a couple of holes and work on really anchoring your center of gravity down in your calves. In the meantime, get in the habit of really releasing (and I mean loop-in-the-reins releasing) a stride or two out and grabbing some mane. Ride around the ring in two-point and then come into grids and lines without ever changing your balance point. Get rid of the stirrups and repeat the exercise.
An unintentionally punishing hand is one of the top reasons a horse starts refusing - and as your horse looks like a willing sort, it's best to work on keeping it that way! Once you've got your leg sorted, I guarantee you will not only produce a better jump, but you will also feel more confident when the jumps get bigger.
Again, congrats!

bethsone 04-12-2010 12:00 AM

he's gorgeous congrats!! I know nothing about jumping so i wont even try and give a critique' good luck!!

Jordan S 04-12-2010 03:15 PM

Wow :shock: he's a looker, rich color I love him. he does have that little kink in his jumping where his backlegs stay glued to the ground but not a big deal.

NittanyEquestrian 04-13-2010 02:36 PM

I agree 100% with Dante. Shore up the lower leg, start giving him a real crest release to keep him happy and I think if you start giving him his head then his dangling legs might improve. I also think that you REALLY need to go back to flatwork and get that taken care of. The trot pictures he was strung out, hollowed and poking his nose out. You need the flat work to improve the jumping and he doesn't have very good flatwork right now. If you would really like to improve and compete on this horse then you should look into taking lessons from a qualified dressage instructor are at the least a hunter/jumper instructor that is good on the flat. I really think you need to concentrate on the flat before you, excuse the pun, jump into jumping. You will run into problems and start some bad training on him if you don't get the basics and fundamentals down first. That being said he's gorgeous, seems like a total sweetie and you seem to have a good seat. Best of luck to you!

drafteventer 04-13-2010 03:52 PM

Not critiquing but his color is gorgeous! The look in his eyes tells me that he's a sweet boy and a good worker. Congrats on finding him!

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