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StephanieM 04-11-2010 10:06 AM

Maiden mare Question
Good Morning..I'm new to the forums but not to foaling..However I have a mare first timer that is doing things a bit odd...

according to her breeding date she is due anyday now..however she has not bagged up at all but she gets little drops of wax on her nipples. She has softened on her tail ans butt area her vulva is swelling..

She is in a pasture with 3 other horses..yesterday and the day before she started removing herself from the herd. I went out to check on her last night and she had been kicking at her belly and nipping both sides. I put her in her birthing stall.

she cleared out her bowls and every time she pooped it looked like she was pushing..however no foal last night.

She did pace a lot and was very upset...Just wondering if it is because she is a first time mom she is just doing things her way or what you think??

all my other mares are text book birthers..but not her!

does the breed have anything to do with it? She is a Friesian/Percheron cross...


Indyhorse 04-11-2010 10:28 AM

Maidens will sometimes not develop a bag, or only a very small one, until after the birth. From what you are describing, she is showing plenty of signs of readiness, so keep a close eye on her!

Also, exposure to fescue can cause a mare to fail to lactate, in which case you need to secure colostrum from another source, and get your vet out for a dose of a domperidone to make her milk come in.

Rural Heritage Vet Clinic - Endophyte Fescue Toxicity
Cornell University Department of Animal Science

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