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Mike_Admin 04-13-2010 08:30 AM

Pow Wow with the Horse Forum Team
Hi everyone,

We appreciate how many members take the time to report problematic posts. While reporting a post by clicking the exclamation mark beneath the poster's avatar when a post is problematic is the best way to alert us to issues with specific posts, we understand that members sometimes have more general concerns.

We've added the Pow Wow forum where members can start threads that can only be viewed by themselves and members of the Horse Forum Team. This way, if anything is on your mind or you have a suggestion you don't want to post in the Suggestions forum for whatever reason, you can start a thread in the Pow Wow forum and begin a dialogue with us.

We are committed to keeping the Horse Forum a friendly, helpful, pleasant place to be and look forward to discussing with you anything that may be on your mind. :-)

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