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twoheartsonejump 04-13-2010 10:58 AM

I keep getting left behind!
Hey people :)

So, I was wondering if you had any tips for me. I'm jumping around 2'3 - 2'9, but on almost EVERY jump, the horse goes...but I'm a little behind her and I bump her! I must look like a sack of potatoes. Is there anything I could do to stay with her more?

Thank youu :)

FoxyRoxy1507 04-13-2010 11:03 AM

have you tried just going into a two point a few strides before the jump so you can get accustomed to her style of jump first?

i usually have my students do this exercise just bc every horse has a different jump

twoheartsonejump 04-13-2010 11:40 AM

No I haven't! My trainer sometimes has me show her my two point before I go for the jump, but that's about it. I'll definitely try that...thanks a bunch! :))

FoxyRoxy1507 04-13-2010 11:44 AM

np hope it helps

Heatherloveslottie 04-14-2010 06:34 AM

i do this and it works, you'll probably find you're better balanced as well because you've already had a few strides to establish your balance and position before the jump :)

Sphi 04-14-2010 06:38 AM

Are you having trouble staying up in 2 point over the jump, or are you just accidentally sitting down too soon?

iridehorses 04-14-2010 06:49 AM

Two things come to mind. First is, if you are paying a trainer, why isn't he/she helping you? Secondly, Take a video so that we can accurately assess what you are doing.

But being left behind is typical of a pendulum stance where your leg goes back behind the girth as your body goes forward towards his neck at the beginning of the jump - as you come over the jump, your body swings back, your leg goes in front of the girth and you get left behind. If that is what is happening then you need to keep you leg steady at the girth and instead of leaning your body forward, pivot back from your hips so that your backside moves back instead of reaching forward. Let the horse come up to you instead and you will not swing like a pendulum.

BTW, I would stop jumping until you get the problem figured. You are not doing your horse any good and will end up causing him to shy at the anticipation of the jump and the bump in his mouth.

twoheartsonejump 04-14-2010 11:17 AM

Thanks for all the advice :)
I tried out everything last night, and I stayed with her! I just needed to steady myself after the jump and not flop my head foward, if that makes any sense.

stormy and trobby 04-17-2010 07:58 PM

I would put down a pole 1 trot steps away and trot 2ft or cross rails and when you get to the pole sit and squeeze that should help you timing a bit when to go into 2 point. i agree with not going as high as you usually do and start back at the basics. hope that helps:) good luck!!

upnover 04-18-2010 10:20 PM

If you are getting left behind on every jump there is a weakness somewhere in your position. Without the proper position you cannot be secure and move with your horse. IMO, you need to learn to be with the horse at a lower height before you're jumping 2"9 (there's quite a bit difference between 2"3 and 2"9).

Do you have any pictures or a video? That would be the easiest way to help you out!

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