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Delregans Way 01-13-2008 05:21 AM

:) Hey i know what your thinking.... why is bread bad for your horse, it has been feed for yonks. I took my horse to the natural path, just for a check over. And he gave me some advice... that i find is very interesting. Ok why is it bad... its because of all the chemicals added into bread these days, to make the bread white... Although if you bake your own (which i Do now!!) its ok...
Same with carrots, and sum veges and fruit you buy from the supermarkets, they are full of chemicals, and its discusting!

So yeah...let me know what you guys think. :shock: :wink:

Vidaloco 01-13-2008 07:38 AM

I can see why store bought plain white bread can be bad for horses. I used to bake our bread and got out of the habit I need to start again, very theraputic. I try to stay away from all people food with our girls. Hay and grass is best :)

buckaroo2010 01-13-2008 02:15 PM

I had no clue that bread was bad for your horses!! :shock: :shock:

BluMagic 01-13-2008 03:54 PM

I didn't know that either. We give Blu bread and tortillas every now and then. Will he get sick or something?

Vidaloco 01-13-2008 05:11 PM

I know some pig farmers buy truckloads of the old bread from the large bakerys to feed to pigs. I think you would have to feed a bunch of it to get a horse sick.

Delregans Way 01-13-2008 06:13 PM

He wont get sick, if you only feed the odd few pieces. Although less is better. Yeh when he told me, i was kind of in shock... I have been feeding bread for ages, when i was knee high... although thats back in the day lol :lol:

Pigs eat almost anything Vida lol, horses are alil more versiltile... Just the chemicals they put in the loafs... its not the bread its self, just the chemicals and preservatives... its stupid! :roll:

PoptartShop 01-13-2008 07:27 PM

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I don't feed Lexi bread usually; I tried once & she didn't really like it, LOL! :P Wow I never knew that though!

Delregans Way 01-14-2008 04:13 AM

yeh, im 44 and i still didnt know till last week. It makes ya wonder hey... he also said, he is on the non packet diet, basically he doesnt eat anything that is in a packet... u think about it, thats alot of food gone... and he reckons its a great way to lose weight, and you dont have to excercise... its the natural way... anyways just thought i will tell you guys, concerning we have just been over christmas lol :D all that food lol :roll: :lol:

jazzyrider 01-14-2008 04:28 AM

i wonder if the wholemeal or multi grain bread is the same. i feed my guys bread every now and then when we have a bbq or something out there and they are harassing me for something :) as far as carrots and stuff go i usually wash them at home before i take them out cause i figure if people can get sick from all the chemicals then the horses probably can as well

Vidaloco 01-14-2008 05:44 AM

I figure all those preservatives in food are whats keeping me young and good looking :lol: :lol:

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