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HowClever 04-15-2010 11:01 AM

The rantings of an equine fanatic
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So I thought I might start one of these journal thingeys, more than anything so I can add the random candid photos I take on an almost daily basis. At least this way I won't clog up the picture forum too much!

I have already done a brief introduction on each of my horses on this thread but I'm going to try and go in to a bit more detail here. So in order of when they became a part of the family here we go....

How Clever, otherwise known as Rex.
This big beautiful boy is my soul mate horse. The second I read his advertisement I felt in my gut that this was the horse for me. I went to see him and fell even more in love, he greeted me with his head sticking out the stall door ready to nuzzle as soon as I got in range. I must say here that it was my cousin who originally purchased him, after a 2 week trial in which he never put a foot wrong. On my 21st birthday last year I was taken out to his paddock where he stood with a big bow around his neck. He was my 21st birthday present. I didn't think I could cry happy tears the way I did that day!! Of course, like any other horse he has his moments. He's an absolute angel when ridden in a bridle and a snaffle. However, he's a spack if I ride him in a halter. The instant that bit is in his mouth, he knows its time to pay attention and I think he still gets a little confused when I ask him to pay attention in the halter. He's such a sook and therefore has cemented his place at the bottom of the herd.

Midnight Son, otherwise known as Nippa
I bought this beautiful little pony as a bit of a project. He's 5 and unbroken. I'm a bit uncertain of his past, he was absolutely terrified of people and if you put him in a big paddock it is virtually impossible to get anywhere near him. It took me a little over 3 months to actually catch him, he's now in a small yard to aid in being able to catch him for training and also for a little weight management (Read DIET). Hes still incredibly nervous around people and his recent injury certainly hasn't helped matters. He somehow managed to cut open the underside of his dock, a little too close to arteries and what not for comfort. And unfortunately the daily poking and prodding, jabbing with needles for antibiotics, etc etc is really pushing his limits. Poor little darling. I never thought he would win my heart the way he has. Once he has healed up I will be continuing with his training to take him to some local in-hand shows.

Dark Knight, otherwise known as Trojan
Trojan was bought for my boyfriend. This is another horse who's background I am very uncertain of. He was sold to me as an unbroken 5 year old. I traced his brand and found out that he is actually turning 8 this year. Oh well. He was also very untrusting when he arrived, however, he has come along in leaps and bounds since being with us. He would play hard to catch a lot when he first came, now he's usually the first horse up to the gate to say hello. He's still got his issues (don't even use the word whip in front of him!) but we are getting there one step at a time. He was also very aggressive towards the other horses, particularly at feed time. He's settled down now, after some stern words from me, although still comfortably sits in his boss chair!

From The Ashes, otherwise known as Phoenix
Oh, another one of those horses who has stolen my heart. I paid $100 for him as an unbroken 7 year old. I went to see him with a "we'll see" attitude. Seeing him in that paddock with 30 other horses, with only a strand of barbed wire stopping him from getting out on the road, was enough to convince me that he was coming home with me. Not too mention having feet like skis, loose shoes rattling around and all. He has the most adorable, curious personality and he does everything he possibly can to please me. Just last week he had his first rider. He took the whole thing like a champion, he was clearly nervous, constantly looking to me for reassurance, but with a "good boy" and a rub from me he'd take a few more steps. He honestly tries his heart out. Oh, and his registered name is actually Regent Shark (blergh), I renamed him From The Ashes.

Significant Other, otherwise known as Hugo
I've been working with this old fella for almost 12 months now, but he only became mine about 2 months ago. He belonged to my cousin originally, but she needed to downsize on numbers and I couldn't bear to see this guy go. When my cousin bought him, he had been used for hooning around ever since he came off the track, so all he really knew was RUNNING! He's become such a sweet horse in the time I've been working with him. He still has his moments, but he's definitely learned that walking is a fun thing to do too. He gave me a massive scare last friday, by coming down with a serious dose of colic. He's all better now though and gives me funny looks when I come trudging in to the paddock to check him, it honestly looks like a "MUM I'm FINE!" face.

Kody's Boy, otherwise known as Kody
This poor guy was left untended in a paddock for many months after losing his owner to some very unfortunate circumstances. He was a little underweight, ridiculously wormy & had feet I'm pretty sure I could have floated around the world on! The owner's of the property he was on eventually placed an ad trying to find a home for him as they realised they couldn't provide him with the care he needed. So I brought him home. He was quiet as a mouse at first, although as he has begun feeling better he has developed quite an attitude. He's still a sweetie, but he definitely gets a little strong under saddle now.

Sahara Fantasy, otherwise known as Fanta
My mum's baby girl. I don't think I have ever met a more sensible baby. Of all the horses in the herd she's probably the quietest. My 10 year old cousin has ridden her at a walk & trot in a halter with absolutely no problems. She has the most striking looks, I'm definitely hoping that sometime in the future I will see her all done up for the show ring. For now though, she is my mum's pleasure hack. She's a real snob in the paddock, there's a possibility that this is because she is currently the only girl in a paddock full of boys! Of course, that also puts her quite low in the pecking order, in fact the only one below her is my beautiful Rexy.

There's not a lot I can say about this girl yet. She's coming home in a few weeks, when I have finished paying her off. She is in foal to a beautiful clydesdale stallion for a Nov 2010 foal. She has been a broodie for several years now, having had 2 foals to the same stallion she's in foal to now. Both of which have very much taken after daddy, being big solid things, with lots of white. They've normally reached somewhere between 16 & 17 hands.

So after that ridiculously long essay I shall add some pictures.

LoveStory10 04-15-2010 11:38 AM

Oooh I love the cammo blanket lol. Cant wait to read more long essays hehe

HowClever 04-18-2010 01:19 AM

What a week.

I had so many plans for working with my horsies this week, none of which have come to fruition. Between Hugo's colic and now Nippa's tail ( . . I am absolutely beat. My poor Nippa is hanging out in his yard with a stump for a tail. I can't shake the feeling that I failed him, although he is completely unphased by the whole business. And then of course I feel terribly guilty because all the others haven't been getting much attention. I do go up and check them all out and talk to them every day, but it's been over a week since any of them actually got to come out of their paddock (except Hugo of course who spent 4 days out of his paddock while he scared me to death with his colic).

Am in the process of fencing another escape proof yard for the little pony as the one he's in now has turned in to a slush puddle since the rain, and I can't stand to see him in it. Hmmm, what else has happened. Oh, Kody has recently discovered it is much more fun for him if he lets me catch and rug him when it gets cold, otherwise he ends up being the only one without a rug. Guess who was very apologetic the next morning and let me throw his rug on without a hassle. Silly old man.

Farrier coming on wednesday. Rex, Hugo, Phoenix, Trojan & Kody are all getting done. Fanta & Nippa got done last week. And everybody's due for worming. It's ok though my bank account is used to not having anything in it.

So maybe a few pictures now.

Nippa, sedated while the vet cleaned & disinfected his stump

Nippa & his yard buddy Boss, a little mutual grooming

HowClever 04-18-2010 01:20 AM

Thanks LoveStory
As you can see Fanta managed to rip it pretty quickly! haha

LoveStory10 04-18-2010 01:55 AM

Yeah my mare Arrow ripped hers last year. It was a real pretty pink and black one :(. I dont think you failed your pony, I mean, after all, your taking care of him and all, there are some people in this world that would just leave his tail. He's going to be great again in no time!!

I love it when the ponies at my barn mutual groom, its too cute. My mare Traces HATES it if Bishop tries, she freaks out and kicks at him lol. Boy issues. But I am loving your pony, he really is sweet looking :)

HowClever 04-18-2010 02:02 AM

Thanks again.
I think the funniest thing about watching these 2 give each other scratches is that Nippa is 10 hands and Boss is only 8 hands so he has to reach up to scratch Nippa on the withers haha

LoveStory10 04-18-2010 09:07 AM

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Aww how cute! Thats the same with the two lil ponys at my barn:

The bay is Pony Girl and the chestnut is Shorty lol
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Attachment 29558

HowClever 04-18-2010 09:10 AM

too cute haha

LoveStory10 04-18-2010 09:16 AM

Its always funny watching them... Any way, I was reading through your original post again, and what you said about Romance... could you find out the Sire's name? I have a friend over there who wants to breed her mare to a clydesdale.

HowClever 04-18-2010 09:19 AM

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His name is Majestikkk First Victory. He's located in Kojonup, W.A.
Hang on I'll find the photos of him

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