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FlyingChanges 04-15-2010 08:35 PM

Ugh. REALLY!?!?!
:evil: DOVER AND GPA... URGH! I bought a GPA helmet and they sent it, the measurments were wrong on their website, SOOO they sent me ANOTHER one, and guess what?! Its 5 years old! What the heck!? So my mom called the supervisor of Dover and shes checking ALL the GPA's. What I know, and have been told by the supervisor (She agrees its not right they didnt check it previously.) The OLDEST your helmet SHOULD be is 5 years old or after a fall, which is even on the tag. So I have a show saturday and sunday, and dont have a helmet... because my other show helmet doesnt fit. So they are going to overnight it but it wont be here until saturday, so I'm going to have to wear it in the show even though its 5 years old... oh well... I just thought I'd share, we all thought it was pretty ridiculous. :evil:

Carleen 04-15-2010 09:05 PM

I would like to know how they even have a helmet that's 5 years old in their warehouse... that's ridiculous!

FlyingChanges 04-15-2010 09:19 PM

Ugh I know! They called us and are sending another which was made in '09.

Alwaysbehind 04-16-2010 07:32 AM

I am glad they are trying to make it right.

That is the type of thing they should be on top of but is so typical of them.

FlyingChanges 04-16-2010 08:48 PM


upnover 04-16-2010 11:08 PM

how did you know it was 5 years old?

FlyingChanges 04-17-2010 07:55 PM

Upnover, It Has A Tag On The Inside, That Says Manufactured Date: And It Say 1/05

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