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Harlee rides horses 01-13-2008 02:52 PM

What is the best way to teach a showmanship horse to pivot and also apply it to riding?

buckaroo2010 01-13-2008 03:25 PM

U kno thats a good question i would like to know also :)

tim 01-13-2008 03:30 PM

Well, for me it all started with moving his shoulder. If you try to move their head, they will most likely bend their neck and walk a circle. However, their backs are a very nice rigid radius to use with the pivot. If you move their shoulder you're going to get your point across a lot faster.

Also, when riding I do the same thing with my foot on his shoulder.

Harlee rides horses 01-13-2008 03:31 PM

Thank you, I have done that, and my mare has picked up the pivot I was just curious for other ways to teach for future references.

buckaroo2010 01-13-2008 03:44 PM

ohh ok ill have to try that dometimes and see how that works :)

AKPaintLover 01-13-2008 07:50 PM


You can actually teach the spin using direct rein contact first. After that is taught, you can teach it using indirect rein contact. After they know both of those, you can go to one handed (neck reining). Spins should be taught one step at a time. Use indirect rein, sit deep in the saddle, set their weight on the hind as if going to back up (but don't actually ask them for a step backward), when weight is back, use direct rein to ask for a step in that direction. When your horse takes one step in the direction of your direct rein, release pressure, and give a reward(you should see the inside foot come out to the side - it should not go forward or back). The hind end should not take a step, but this should not be as much of a concern at first...focus on getting a step with the front end. Keep practicing until she easily takes a step when you sit back, look, turn your upper body a bit, and make direct rein contact. Then ask for two steps, then three, then 180 degrees, then 360. Keep working on getting 360 until she can do it smoothly and easily with her hind end planted (not taking steps). When you can do this on both sides, I will try to give an explanation of the indirect side.

Let me know if this is unclear in anyway and I will try to explain better. I just learned this year, so it is something that I have been spending a lot of time with I am sure there are other ways to teach it, so others might have tips as well.

Also, I believe that the 360+ degree spins are trot type stepping motion whereas the rollback is a setback on the haunches, single step canter motion facing one way - canter step from the haunches - facing 180 degrees in the other direction. Sidepassing is important to know, but you are definitely not asking for the same thing with the spin. In a sidepass, you are asking the forward and hind to move. In a spin, you are asking the front to move while keeping the hind planted.

One important thing to remember is not to focus on speed AT ALL right now. Wait until she responds softly, quietly, and smoothly 360 degrees, both directions, indirect and direct rein separately, every time, and only then start asking for increased speed.

It is fun to teach good luck
I typed this post to someone else in a topic called "help with reining". This is for a spin rather than a pivot, but each step of a spin is a pivot, so you just take the number of pivot steps you want. Sorry if not all of it applies, and it does not really apply to your from the ground part. :)

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