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draftrider 04-17-2010 01:00 AM

Breakthrough with Madeline!!
Madeline is my Clyde/Appy filly that I got in December. She was a yearling last August, and had never been touched by a human before being loaded into my trailer. She lived on 2 acres of pasture, no hay, no water in winter (owner made her eat snow) with 4 other horses. She'd never worn a halter or been dewormed or anything. Basically a very wild horse.

I haltered her in the trailer and put a dragline on, and have worked her now for the last 4 months. I do 3 15 minute sessions each day of just touching, leading etc. I'm the only one that has handled her, and she trusts me now. Anyone else enters the pasture, she would run to the far corner unless I had her on a leadline.

Tonight my friend was over who is NOT a horse person- she is very very nervous around them. She was helping me fix the fence for the goats. Lo and behold Madeline was following us, being curious. When Gwen stood up, Maddie was behind her, a safe distance away. Gwen stood still and Maddie came over to her, gently reached her nose out, and blew in her face. I told Gwen to blow back, and Maddie smelled her and very gently touched Gwen on the shoulder with her muzzle. She let Gwen put a leadrope on her, and walk her around the pasture. :-P This was amazing to see, because she had never met Gwen before tonight. She behaved perfectly, respectfully and with curiosity that I have never seen before.

I was so happy to see this! Gwen was very happy too and admitted that she was scared, but Maddie did so good she wants to come out and visit her again.

azarni 04-17-2010 01:15 AM

Aw, that's brilliant! What a great breakthrough. Hopefully she'll continue to improve.

danastark 04-22-2010 12:40 AM

Wonderful!! Sounds like you are really making progress with her. Pictures please :)

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