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KingAppy 04-17-2010 09:20 PM

le tixerant girths?
Mikmar Bit Company

I am thinking about investing in this girth and wondering if anybody here has an opinion or experience with it.

My horse was an eventer, I am his retirement home and he is not doing heavy work at all, just walk/trot and light trail riding, as I get my feet wet. He is 15 yo, appy/QH gelding. I have done a lot of work helping him be less cinchy--he hated even being touched in the girth area much less being cinched up. he is now doing well with it but I am always looking for the most horse-friendly, comfy girth I can find. so, wondering about this one. My new hobby is spoiling him and I want to get him the best stuff, but only if it will actually work for him.

thanks for any advice,

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