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RunningFree27 04-17-2010 09:32 PM

Writing the beginning of a long and happy horse story
As i'm still a kid, i am writing the beginning of a long and hopefully happy horse story. My 'story' begins with me taking riding lesson, english. This didn't last long as my trainer went to college. I enjoyed it a whole bunch and i learned how to ride during that year. i also learned how to jump! during that time i volunteered at a theraputic riding center where disabled kids ride. i wasn't allowed to ride then because i was only eleven. But i learned the most important part about horses. The caring for them :-). I learned how to tack, groom, feed, lead, medicate, and turn horses out. Then i leased a horse named Abu for a month, who was my lesson horse a while back. Soon i found a different theraputic riding place where they focus more on the special olympics part of handicapped riding. I enjoyed this place and still do a lot better because it was family owned, nicer people and not so many of them, and the best part, i got to ride. I aslo love working with the 'athletes' or disabled riders. Pretty oftenly we have volunteer work/ fun day where us volunteers work for an hour around the barn and then get a lesson from our coach, which we ride western in :D! I LOVE this place and it's where i learned the most about riding. I have been going to this place for a year now and i think i'm getting a lot better at riding. O i forgot... I sold my DSI to have enough money to lease a BEAUTIFUL buckskin paint mare named Sienna in Januray 2010 (See avatar and pics). we had a little trouble at first but I soon found that my money had SO gone to the right place. I really enjoyed working with her and finally establishing a bond and seeing that our hard work went somewhere. She was GREAT to ride after our month and i plan to lease her again in June. Well, that was the beginning of my horse story!

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