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CecilliaB 04-19-2010 04:49 PM

Jump critique....
Why on earth do I do that with my elbows and what can I do to correct it? I look like I am doing the funky chicken!

Feel free to critique all of me and him, it's much appreciated!

EventersBabe 04-19-2010 05:55 PM

From the looks of the pics. Your sinking your weight on to the horses neck. Your leg looks good in the first but has slid back in 2-3 rd pic.
Oh and put up ur stirups a hole or to. Oh and also barely lift up out of the saddle.
Over jumping is what I am meaning.

The first pic actually looks better then the 2nd two

ridergirl23 04-19-2010 05:58 PM

^agreed. i think your overjumping and everything she said! haha :D

cute horse!! :D

kmacdougall 04-19-2010 06:47 PM

Shorten up your reins - you don't want to pull his face, but you also don't need to let them flap in the wind.
Watch that leg - it's obvious you can keep your leg anchored in the right place from your first picture, where you have a beautiful lower leg, nice soft ankle, very good contact. Just pay attention to it, since you can already do it well it shouldn't be a problem if you just remember it.
I specifically LOVE the second picture - you're up, looking ahead, and it's the best of the three in my opinion. You need to bring your bum back though, put your crotch right over the twist of the saddle and no more then two inches out of it. Wait for the horse to jump - his action will help put you in the right position, even though these are only small jumps.
The third picture, I'd like to see you lift your chest and shoulders. You don't need to be that low on his neck, he doesn't need the help to get over those jumps, and even if he did, the length of your reins doesn't permit for you to help him.
And now I'm going to turn into George Morris - put on some gloves for a show girl! Also, braid his tail for the hunters. Never enter a hunter ring without being braided - it's respectful to the judge.
In all your horse and your turnout look wonderful, keep up the great work!

dantexeventer 04-19-2010 06:56 PM

You're using your body to do the work of your hands, and so your elbows have nowhere to go but out! :) You seem to be losing your leg to the back, which contributes to the issue. Shorten your stirrups a hole - or even two - and do lots and lots and lots of two point work, coming into lines, single fences, or jumps on a circle maintaining that two point, and sinking your weight into your heel over the fence. Focus on keeping your tush in one place, and, at first, do a long release a couple of strides out with a lock of mane in hand for security. Get used to the feeling of pushing your butt and hands away from each other - pretend that if they get too close you're going to get an electric shock or something! Even though it sounds totally silly, that kind of visualization helps a lot. I'm guessing that right now, you do a nice short release a stride or two out, and then at the point of take-off kind of throw your body up the neck, over your hands. I do like the short release you've got, you're not pulling on your horse's face which is great. Add a long release to your toolbox now, though, while you combat the chicken wings!
I like your horse - he seems like a really good boy who is nice and steady, so you can work on yourself. He looks like the type that you can kind of 'throw away' a stride or two out and he'll be very honest.

CecilliaB 04-19-2010 07:13 PM

I really appreciate these critiques. What your all describing sounds exactly how I feel, I feel like I throw myself up his neck and then have to use him to balance so I don't fall over.

I am gonna jot this all down and take it to the barn with me to work on.

Thanks dantexeventer, he is a wonderful boy and very good to me for sure!

kmacdougall - His tail was french braided, I promise! But it did get rubbed and a lil sloppy in the trailer I will admit. Gloves, CHECK I will pick those up before next show :)

kmacdougall 04-19-2010 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by CecilliaB (Post 609710)
kmacdougall - His tail was french braided, I promise! But it did get rubbed and a lil sloppy in the trailer I will admit. Gloves, CHECK I will pick those up before next show :)

I kind of thought it might have been after taking a close look at the first picture. Also, kudos to you on how well groomed he is! He looks very healthy. My chestnut glows like him in the summer, and I used to pull a trick where I'd tape a new penny to him (usually inside of his fetlock) and try and get my friends to find it, he was always THAT shiny :lol:

Allison Finch 04-19-2010 08:15 PM

You're pivoting on your knee allowing your lower leg to slide back. That makes your upper body top heavy causing you to topple forward. You are resting too much of your weight on your hands.

Let go with your knees, bring your lower leg back to the girth, sink your weight into your ankles. This will allow your legs to counterbalance your upper body. Then, you won't need to rest on your hands so much.

Lunging over small jumps with your hands free and out to your side (like an airplane) will allow you to learn to balance yourself much better.

Other than look great!! You both look like you are having a great time.

CecilliaB 04-19-2010 08:40 PM

Thank you Allison, adding to my list of practice exercises.

We had a fantastic time. It's the first time he had ever done anything more then a 4 jump course (my barn is far from a h/j paradise ;) ) this one had 8 jumps and he has never seen any flower boxes or funny looking standards but he didn't refuse a single time! I needed something to jolt me out of my flat class comfort zone and I was a big bundle of nerves, I know he did better than me! I cannot wait to get my trailer and start taking lessons again. I video myself when I school to watch what I am doing wrong but it would help so much to just have someone yell at me when I do it ;)

My summer project is to repair all the broken standards and make more odd looking stuff for us.

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