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chelz 04-19-2010 08:17 PM

What breed do you think my horse is?
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forums and I have a question for all the people on here who know a lot about horse breeds. I have a cute little horse named Rhett who I absolutely love and I'm trying so hard to figure out what breed he is.
Here's some general info about him:
He's a 13-year-old gelding.
He is a great trail horse, and very brave.
He's really smart (he always figures out how to open gates or get out of pens. It makes me mad sometimes!)
15 hands tall.
He has kind of an unusual shaped head. It's pretty....jug-headish I guess you might say. :) And he has a big roman nose!
Oh and he has giant hooves! Like abnormally big hahah it's usually the first thing people notice when they meet him.
Pics: full body shot roman nose! his markings on his butt big feet and stocky legs being cute in wintertime he's so dark running trotting

By the way, he looks very different in winter than he does the rest of the year so I know sometimes he doesn't even look like the same horse!

I've been told he's anything from a Mustang to a Gypsy Vanner to a QH cross to a Draft. What breed or combination of breeds do you think he is? Thanks!

ShutUpJoe 04-19-2010 08:53 PM

Looks like a mustang

Bakkir 04-19-2010 09:13 PM

Hi Chelz looks like a draft cross to me. Since he is a roan he will look different every year when he sheds out. To me he looks like a Perch cross. Maybe Perch/QH.

Bakkir 04-19-2010 09:14 PM

Oh and his markings on his rump look like scars to me. Probably kicked a few times.

Iseul 04-19-2010 09:20 PM

I would vote QH/Percheron with possibly a little mustang blood somewhere in his lines. :3
I agree that the marks look like scars, most likely from beig kicked, as Bakkir said.
He's a beautiful boy though, very pretty.
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smrobs 04-19-2010 09:33 PM

The way that he trots reminds me so much of my mustang Koda.

But if he doesn't have a brand on the side of his neck, then likely he is either not a mustang or perhaps he is a cross that was born outside the reach of the BLM. With how big and heavy his legs and feet are, there is certainly some draft in there. I would guess that probably one of his parents was a cross, he doesn't seem quite big enough to be half draft. He is a bay roan and the marks on his butt are just scars. I don't know why they grow back in dark instead of the regular color but that is just a roan thing. He is a nice looking boy, looks like he would be up for anything you wanted to do with him.

trailhorserider 04-19-2010 10:07 PM

A lot of the "premarin" babies are draft crosses, and I know a lady who has one that is a blue roan similar to that. :-)

Also, draft mix doesn't rule out Mustang. I have a BLM mustang who is short but tanky, and I have a feeling he has some draft in him! But like smrobs said, if he were a BLM horse he would have a brand.

I'm guessing he is a premarin baby or similar draft cross.

thunderhooves 04-19-2010 10:48 PM

whats premarin mean?lol

trailhorserider 04-19-2010 11:44 PM

draftrider 04-20-2010 12:38 AM

I think he is actually part Arab, and part draft. I think his roman nose is more pronounced because he has a dished face above it.

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