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Iseul 04-19-2010 08:26 PM

Technique Suggestions...
well..just wondering (since I'd like to lease a mare, but her owner doesn't think that I'm experienced enough [which I feel is unfair because she only judges on the certain things that I don't already know, and make sure to ask about] to handle her) what are some good ways to calm a hotter horse down a bit so as not bucking, kicking and tossing their head nonstop?
She's an angel when we leave for a trail ride (or so from what I've seen, rather calm. could see she was a bit excited in her eyes though) but as soon as the barn is in sight she starts bucking, kicking and try to bolt to it. her owner (also the barn owner) doesn't let her rush down (she does some gaming work in the pasture or "outdoor arena" ) but she doesn't do anything to stop her from getting so excited or bucking and such.
I've always been told:
they buck/kick-you back them
they rear-you push them forward
they toss their head-well..not sure about that. ;-;
but you get the point?
the main questions I'm asking are:
what are the best ways to handle bucking, kicking, rearing and head tossing?
and what are some good, worth-while ideas to calm a horse that's already under saddle and reacting like so (above) ?
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Sunny 04-19-2010 08:48 PM

What I did when Pippa, my old mare, was barn sour, we did work work work around the barn. Let her learn that the barn meant work, and trails meant relaxation. I hand walked her on the trails, then when we came back i'd work work work her. I also waited a while before feeding her after a ride, so she didn't associate the return to the barn with dinner. As for during the ride, as soon as I feel a horse begin to tense, I circle the horse. Circle them whenever you feel like they want to buck, bolt, rear, etc. As for before you head off, I don't see much to do. If it's just excess energy, lunging will let the horse get out a few pre-ride jitters and bucks, but in your situation it sounds like barn-sour, so all I can say is spend more time working at the barn, less time working on the trails. Make the trails easy, and the barn hard. Best of luck to you.
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Iseul 04-19-2010 09:05 PM

thanks. is it maybe possible that she doesn't work her enough..? I mean, I only go on Sundays (and I'm hesitant to try to tell her to do something with her horses since I ride for free) so I don know how often she usually works her, but since she's supposedly a hyper mess after you get her out and actually start riding her, could not enough work be it? she's mainly on pasture turnout with the rest of the horses and they only come in for nights before shows, to eat and to be work/groomed.
I thought maybe suggesting for her to do pretty much as you said, but I feel that if I tell her to fix her horse's problems (this mare's not the only horse that has ongoing problems) then I'll be encroaching and may not be privilaged to come and ride there anymore..I mean, I haven't gotten any reason from her that she would think I'm using her and my friend to come and ride for free (because I do do barn work and help do stuff) but I'm not sure if talking to her or suggesting anything would make her feel the need to be defensive about it.. especially since this mare in particular is like her baby, as she reminds her of her first horse.
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TabianoPaint 05-07-2010 05:27 AM

if she starts bolting or bucking run your hand down the rein towards the bit and pull!!! a horse will not run or bolt if they have their head like that and are going in circle... i got taught this and from personal experience i know it works...
im not really sure about rearing but if the horse does rear DO NOT pull while the horse in the air as this could result in him fall backwards and that would be horrible. well i hope this helps ;) x

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