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orin 04-20-2010 02:00 PM

at what age?
can someone please tell me at what age a colt can cover a mare?

Juna 04-20-2010 02:06 PM

Yearlings can and will breed.

NittanyEquestrian 04-20-2010 02:19 PM

I've seen what should have been weanlings trying to mount mom too...

orin 04-20-2010 02:20 PM

ok thankyou. what is the best age for a colt to start covering?

NittanyEquestrian 04-20-2010 02:24 PM

I wouldn't purposely let a colt breed until 2 at the VERY earliest. If they breed too young they tend to develop behavior issues and the stress on their young joints isn't good either. Are you planning on collecting or live covering your young stud? That can play a role as well. Live cover for a 2 year old can get dicey unless you have some mares that have "been around the block" and are willing to let him fumble for a while without getting angry.

On a side note...I have heard good success with putting big yearlings and/or 2 year old stud colts in with already confirmed bred mares so they can learn how to treat a mare. It also makes them not so OMG A MARE! When you do breed them since they've been with mares before. The downside to this is that if a mare slips a pregnancy that little stud is more than capable of and willing to rebreed her.

Juna 04-20-2010 02:25 PM

2 at the earliest. But that depends on the colt, and a 2 year old should definitely not be used heavily. We like to use a 2 year old 2-3 times in that year. Then, as a 3-4 year old he is more mature and ready for heavier use.

Some 2 year olds are very immature, though, and NOT ready for any covering at all.

Juna 04-20-2010 02:27 PM

Yep, and also, make sure your 2 year old covers very gentle, kind mares. No witchy girls for his first few times, as that can damage his confidence.

orin 04-20-2010 02:30 PM

thats brilliant thankyou

NittanyEquestrian 04-20-2010 02:43 PM

Now I'm curious. What kind of stud do you have? Any pictures? I'm kind of the picture monster when it comes to horses =)

nrhareiner 04-20-2010 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by orin (Post 610503)
ok thankyou. what is the best age for a colt to start covering?

Not until they are started under saddle and proven that they are worthy to be breeding stallions. I would NEVER even consider using a stallion at 2 or really even 3. 4 would be the youngest and then still only if he has proven he can do the job you are breeding for.

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