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deineria 04-20-2010 08:59 PM

Pregnant mare - due in May?
I don't have a photo at the moment, but our Arab mare was bred AI and checked via ultrasound in foal at 17 days after AI back in July. She would be due the 28th (AI was on the 20th of June) of May.
We moved her back here from Lexington, Ky, and we have no access locally to ultrasound and since she hadn't been palpated before, our vet didn't seem to want to do it since she is not the easiest to handle - she'd have to be tranquilized. . .so I thought we'd just wait it out and see.
This would be her first foal. She is a hard keeper, and we changed her feed about 1 1/2 months ago, and so I am not sure if her slightly heavier body is from the feed change or pregnancy. She hasn't appeared to be in heat, but I've NEVER seen a mare this close to foaling look this small - I really don't think she could still be pregnant, but my question is whether you guys have had a mare that DID not look pregnant a month and a week before foaling that actually was pregnant.
This was 20 days or so after AI last year. She MIGHT be a SLIGHT bit larger in the middle now, but I doubt it.

ShutUpJoe 04-20-2010 09:05 PM

The place I used to board at had a Quarter mare. She had an english build so was pretty thin. They bought her at an auction. Four days after they got her she foaled. Complete shock. The people bred her but never had the vet out so didn't know whether she took. Since she didn't get larger and she was a maiden they assumed she didn't take. Well she did. I saw her before she foaled and I'd have never guessed that she was pregnant.

Juna 04-20-2010 10:06 PM

I don't understand your vet's hesitation to palpate her because she hadn't been palpated before? If she had been ultrasounded, she's been palpated. I DO understand the need for sedatives and the hesitation to do it on that count. LOL. I have a lot of tricky, touchy mares who don't like the whole ultrasounding process either.

A month and a week is a long time for a foal to grow. I recently had a maiden mare foal who didn't look pregnant. But she did look bigger than your mare does in the pic. (Beautiful mare, btw! I'm an Arab person...what is her bloodline? Is that Thee Desperado in your avatar?)

Personally, my guess would be that she is not pregnant. I would have a vet out to check her though. If she really isn't pregnant, at least you'll know and you don't want to miss this breeding season to get her pregnant again.

Good luck!

deineria 04-20-2010 11:05 PM

Thank you. Wow! 55 Arabs! That is awesome.
KD Lady Ann is a Desperado V granddaughter.
Desperado V is in the avatar, but I do something think there is a similarity between he and Thee Desperado.
My other two Arabs are Straight Egyptian, but Lady Ann is the most lovely, IMO. My husband would beg to differ.

She hasn't been palpated without sedation, and he is loathe to palpate a mare who
hasn't been done without sedatives. . .and since he was hesitant, I thought we'd just wait it out and bred her back to our stallion, JC Signature.

She was AI'ed to PA Scimitar, a Magnum Pysche son. . .

Juna 04-20-2010 11:39 PM

Ahh! LOL. Desperado V! Your mare looks a lot like her grandsire. Thanks, deineria! Yes, 55 Arabians can get to be quite a job! Whew, especially during breeding season.

Oh, I see now. Without sedation. Yes, I completely agree with your vet. Fidgety mares who don't want anything to do with palpation are not fun to do without sedation. I've got a couple of that kind of mare in our barn. LOL.

Eastowest 04-21-2010 08:37 AM

Slightly off topic but wow, how in the world did that mare get registered as BLACK?

deineria 04-21-2010 11:58 AM

LOL - I know! I have discussed just that on here before, but like Desperado V, who is regarded as Bay Black, she looked like she was going to be black and looked fairly black, I am told, as a yearling. Her breeder was a fairly well known Arab breeder in Ky and CA, so how she missed it that much, I do not know. . . been breeding Arabs for 30 years or more.
I just haven't taken photos and sent them in since buying her to change that on her paperwork.

NittanyEquestrian 04-21-2010 12:38 PM

If she as confirmed and hasn't showed signs of coming into heat then I would assume she's just carrying that foal high and it's going to hit a growth spurt very soon. If you have a stallion on hand and a teaser wall you could always tease her and see how she reacts and if you don't overdo it then it won't hurt her or her possible pregnancy. There's different reactions to studs between being in heat, being out of heat and being pregnant. That being said...I would give her until the end of May and then if she doesn't foal I would find a way to palpate her or haul her to be ultrasounded. If she isn't bred an ultrasound might be able to help you pinpoint her cycle and you could easily breed her on the next heat.

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