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rocky pony 04-21-2010 02:56 AM

Just a Bit of Excitement (kinda long)
I guess there probably won't be much to say in response to this thread but I've just got to talk a bit because I'm pretty excited and impatient.

I've always ridden western, pretty much just trail casually messing around and working on random things I picked up online or on tv, etc since I was 7. I eventually took on a young, inexperienced pony who just had his 90 days plus some casual rides over several years and worked on anything I could think of with him and we both learned a ton from each other..I turned him back out a very well-trained trail and general riding horse with a solid start in reining which I was very interested in at the time. I eventually decided I wanted to learn a bit more on the English side of things and do some dressage and jumping to advance as a rider..but I bit off a bit more than I could chew by buying a big TB who was very well-trained, calm, and gentle but still very much a TB...I expected to be able to handle things fine because a horse was a horse but soon learned just how different TBs are from the western trail horses I was more accustomed to. As things are I can handle anything these horses have thrown at me yet (full-speed take-offs bareback in ever-changing directions, random buck attacks, etc etc) but wimp out if a TB bolts for three steps sideways. I guess I just understand them better and feel like they give a longer warning period (though it could just be my familiarity with them telling me that) when they're gonna spazz out, whereas when my TB would freak out he'd be meandering around, head-low, half-asleep and the next minute I knew I was half out my saddle and clinging to his mane for dear life. Eventually I turned into a total sissy and haven't even saddled him up in weeks. I tried to stick it out, waited a year and all, but one day it hit me that things were only getting worse and that my poor guy deserved better. So I finally decided it was time to let him go and am in the process of selling him so I can go back to my roots and get a nice little younger QH or something..I figure I can at least do some lower level work with this kind of horse and master it better...and maybe try again with another TB later in life since I hate to just give up when I run into that kind of wall.

So I have a few promising potential future owners lined up for my guy and am, pardon the corny pun, chomping at the bit to get out there and find my next horse. I can't look much until I'm certain my guy is sold because we can't afford to keep three horses and want to avoid getting too attached to one and have them get sold right in front of I'm very impatient and anxious about getting him sold (but keeping the self-control to wait out for the right home, of course)
Of course it will be hard to part with him as I love him to death..I nursed him back to health from a very neglected condition and have carried him though all sorts of varied issues and it's brought us very's just a shame that doesn't transfer over to work in the saddle where I feel like he's a total stranger every time. He's definitely knocked me down a few pegs. I'm a firm believer that every horse you work closely with teaches you at least one important lesson and I think that's a valuable one that he's taught me because I was probably a little bit too confident.

But I'm more excited than I can say to find my future horse. I've been lurking online and seen quite a few in my area that looked very promising for what I'm looking for..I just can't wait to get out and start horse shopping! I have a strong feeling it'll be pretty soon..I have several people who are very interested in my guy, one of which already knows him well which is a great sign.

Anyway, sorry for going on..I won't blame anyone if no one replies, lol..but anyone who does read all of this deserves millions of virtual cookies..:-)

writer23 04-21-2010 03:04 AM

I think it is admirable that you've realized your TB isn't suitable. Instead of fighting and both of you being miserable, you're doing the right thing finding him a better suited home and yourself a new horse! It's good to hear you have interest in your gelding. I really hope it works out so you can find your 'right match'!

rocky pony 04-21-2010 03:21 AM

Thank you so much! :D I hope so, too, and fast! Haha, I just can't help but be impatient..but I'm trying not to be!

ShutUpJoe 04-21-2010 08:36 AM

I hope he sells quickly for you. Happy horse hunting!

Speed Racer 04-21-2010 09:15 AM

Rocky, it's okay to sell a horse who doesn't suit you. Especially if you're nervous about riding him.

I give you points for realizing that you and he are never going to be a good match, and your desire to find him just the right owner and his forever home. That's a very good thing. :-)

It's also very much okay to be excited about a new prospect. After all, riding and owning horses should be fun, not nerve wracking.

rocky pony 04-21-2010 03:45 PM

Thanks so much guys! :D

It's so true, Speed Racer, I swear it was almost like I had subconsciously forgotten that for awhile. I'd go out and be dead nervous and push myself and push myself...I told myself I was having fun after I pushed myself to get on, but then I realized the most fun I had was in dismounting and knowing I was going to live another day, hahaha
I just can't wait to get working with that next horse so I can remember what it's really like to have fun on a horse! :lol:

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