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arwenpants 04-21-2010 12:15 PM

Daily dewormer?
I could really use some advice about using a daily dewormer!
Here's my situation:
I have a gelding who rubs his booty on things when he gets a nutritional imbalance; the only thing that we have found out for sure causes this is too much oil in his diet. He has started up the butt-rubbing lately and I can't figure out why.
The only thing different at the boarding stable that I have him at is the new lack of manure management. The barn owner used to set out a spreader and everyone would put their stall waste in there and he would spread it out over the 6-7 acre turnout. The spreader broke in the Fall, and he decided that we should just make a manure pile in the pasture that he would spread when it got too big. Well, I guess that he decided that it would be easier to just get a blade and push it around, because now about half of the pasture is covered in a thick layer of manure. The owner also doesn't care about putting money into replenishing the grass, so the remaining half is either dirt or weeds. This causes the horses to graze almost exclusively on the manure. This makes me afraid that there is going to be a worm infestation before we know it.
When I bought my gelding, he was on strongid c2x. I liked the idea of a daily wormer, but I was afraid that it would cause more worm issues in the long run (and I couldn't afford it at the time), so I weaned him off. I have a pretty standard paste deworming rotation now. I have another gelding at the same facility who isn't having any issues at all.
I guess my question is this: should I really start considering a daily dewormer, at least for the gelding in question, for the duration of his stay at this stable? I plan to buy property in the next few years and could wean him back off of it then.

qtrhrsecrazy 04-25-2010 10:31 AM

You'll get different opinions on this subject, but here is my experience with the Strongid 2x.

Once my horses and I were staying (temporarily) some place where the other horses were horribly wormy and pretty much stayed that way, so I put mine on the Strongid 2x doing what I could to protect them until I could leave there.

I had fecals done once a month (I worked with a Vet so it was easy to keep up with it), and it was always clean so it worked for mine under the most awful of conditions. I was able to stop using it when I left there.

IF you choose to use it, paste worm first then the next day start the 2x. Also keep your horse on regular probiotics to keep good gut health under all the wormer stress.

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