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BaliDoll 04-22-2010 10:22 PM

flaky skin and hair loss...?
Hello all...

My mom, who is my horse encyclopedia (lol), is busy nursing my step dad back to health after surgery so I have not been able to call her and ask what this could be.

Bali's skin is SUPER flaky in spots, especially where his legs join his body, and on his back. He's also losing his hair around his eyes and muzzle! :( I don't know what his deal is... I am hoping it's not some type of infection or something. He had some rain rot over the winter but has since shed *almost* all his coat and has no signs on rain rot.

I had been gone about 6 weeks from him because of health reasons, so I am really confused as to what this is.

It may be totally normal and I am just freaking out because he's my responsibility now, which makes me nervous after having my mom take care of him since he was born!!

Any help would be lovely! Thanks!!

buttergirl12 04-23-2010 05:19 PM

I think it might be related to the rain rot. My gelding has super sensitive skin. He had rain rot last year and lost almost all his hair. He was really bumpy and lost hair in chunky scabs. This year we caught it earlier when he started to loose hair around his eyes and muzzle. He just had a few tiny bumps on his flanks but the hair came of anyway but not with the scabs. He didn't loos as much and it grew back quicker. He still is almost bald around his eyes though.

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