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mbender 04-23-2010 11:15 AM

Why would you breed or have a stallion around? I can understand you that want to better the breed, but what about us that just want to breed our mare or have a breeding stallion cuz we like the way they look? I am just curious to see what you think. No fighting needed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether they be right or wrong. I have an arab mare that is now 20-21yrs old and I wished I would have had her bred. But I could never think of a reason why except that my mare has an excellent disposition that would be passed on.. I just dont know if that would have been good enough reason. The other thing I wanted was to breed her to a quarter horse so I could get a quarab. I like that breed and thought it would be a nice match for me. I of course never did go thru with this but was just wondering what others out there thought. Did you want to breed for the same reasons or another???

Speed Racer 04-23-2010 11:39 AM

You don't want to start a fight, but want to know peoples' opinions on breeding? C'mon, you have to know this a very hot-button topic. :shock:

I don't breed. Never have, never will. I own only geldings, and I don't see that changing.

Why breed when there's a glut of horses on the market, and the economy is in the tank? Anyone can pick up a decent horse for nothing or next to nothing right now.

People screech about being anti slaughter, but then turn around and breed their fugly, done nothing mare to the neighbor's illmannered, conformational trainwreck of a stallion because they want a 'kyoot baybee', think their mare 'deserves to be a mommy', or some other ridiculous reason.

I say leave the breeding to the professionals. They're the ones who have done the research and spent years and a boatload of money trying to improve their chosen breeds.

Just because something has working genitalia doesn't mean it needs to be bred.

kitten_Val 04-23-2010 12:04 PM

I don't have problems with the person (not a professional breeder) breeding a mare to get a baby as long as it's done right. I mean, the person did lots of research on breeding/preggy mare and foal care and such, stud and mare compliments each other, etc. Also I don't think the mare must necessarily prove herself in show ring to be bred as long as she has a good confo/disposition/pedigree.

Unfortunately too often it's not a case. Someone jumps into breeding just because they want a baby to "play with", or "raise myself to gain experience", or "color" or any other ridiculous reason. And unfortunately too often those babies are not needed anymore after the "cuteness" period is over (heck, some of them are not even cute to start with because of the horrible confo), and the person understands that baby = lots of headache AND money (baby food, vet, training). I see dumped babies (from 3-4 months old to 1.5-2) it at the local auction all the time, especially in Fall. :-(

Same goes for the stallions: why not to keep one if breeding it to whatever will bring me $150-200 every time! :shock:

kmacdougall 04-23-2010 12:20 PM

I do not breed and have no intentions to unless something FAR, FAAAAR down the road encourages me to. That said, here are the reasons why I would either breed or keep a breeding stud:

I would NOT breed a mare just because she has a nice disposition. While I wouldn't breed a mare that DOESN'T have a good disposition, disposition isn't hereditary so breeding a nice mare doesn't guarantee a nice foal.
I would breed a mare who is an exemplary specimen and a triumph of her breed. She would have to fit breed guidelines for what is considered a true example of the breed. I would not breed a 14.2HH warmblood mare. That is not what the breed is supposed to be. The only instance I would do this is if looking for a sport pony, which, quite frankly, isn't a breed and is an over generalized term for "athletic" ponies. (I consider my horse a sport pony, but in reality this means nothing.) To me, if the mare is an exemplary specimen of her breed, her show record wouldn't matter so long as she is young and able to live a life as a broodmare. If she was an older mare, she'd need to have ribbons under her belt.
I would NOT breed a mare for the "experience of foaling". Go on marestare. The novelty can wear off pretty quick. If you're looking for experience, volunteer to sleep in the barn of a breeding farm for a mare due to foal. Then you'd have experienced people on hand and still get to enjoy the experience.
I would NOT breed a mare for color. This is self explanatory. Horse genetics can be a gamble and you're playing with lives.

I WOULD breed a stallion, if, for the same reason as a mare, he was an EXEMPLARY version of his breed, very, very correct. He would have to have show miles, high ratings, and demonstrate a willing attitude and great personality.
I WOULD NOT breed a stallion for the "process" of conceiving and foaling out a foal.
I WOULD breed a stallion only, and if only, he was an exemplary specimen of his breed AND there was a demand for him. Stallions are a lot of work, especially a breeding stallion, and can be a danger (though if I had a stallion I considered a danger he wouldn't be a stallion). If I was standing a Clydesdale stud, and no one had a demand for a Clyde stud, I'd sell him or cut him.

A great horseman once said to a dear friend of mine "World class horses are not the result of breeding research done overnight." Meaning that you can't just think it'd be a good match and go for it. It takes time and patience to decide a good breeding.

My theory too is that we should aim to get a world champion out of every breeding - not every horse has the heart, the personality, or the will to be a world champion. Those that do not go on to make exceptional riding horses, with correct conformation and impeccable breeding.

Just my $0.02.

nrhareiner 04-23-2010 12:37 PM

I breed for some very simple reasons. First I can not buy a foal or equal quality for what it cost me to breed. If for some reason I do not wish to keep the foal I put on the ground I get very very good money for that foal and that money covers the cost of not only the breeding up keep of all my horses but also training showing and so on.

kevinshorses 04-23-2010 12:59 PM

Sometimes people want/need a type of horse that is not easy to find in thier area. Or they are tired of buying screwed up horses and want to know what thier horse has done its entire life. I have no problem with people trying to breed a better horse as long as they have a purpose in mind. I have a long legged appendix QH mare that I may breed to a Shire stallion that I really like. My goal is to get a big horse that can move and won't beat me to death at the trot. If there were a glut of those type of horses then maybe I wouldn't bother but it seems like alot of the horses I see over 16 hands have pretty bad conformation flaws or they are just plain ugly. We would not be having the breeding debates if there was an outlet for unwanted horses. I have nothing against the backyard breeder. I know several people who would qualify as backyard breeders on this forum but they raise exceptional horses. Just because they only have a few mares and don't depend on thier horses for income doesn't mean that they don't know what makes a good horse.

kitten_Val 04-23-2010 09:39 PM


Originally Posted by kevinshorses (Post 613175)
I have nothing against the backyard breeder. I know several people who would qualify as backyard breeders on this forum but they raise exceptional horses. Just because they only have a few mares and don't depend on thier horses for income doesn't mean that they don't know what makes a good horse.

Kevin, with all respect such people can't be called the "backyard breeder". I do remember the debate while-while back and the more correct word would be "home breeder".

Spyder 04-23-2010 09:53 PM

You could call me a home breeder.

I owned 1 mare I bought at 3 months specifically to breed her. Researched the stallions available and didn't do that badly.

Even my stallion pick had no foals on the ground but he had the breeding pedigree I wanted and was champion on the line, in dressage and later it turned out in the hunter ring.

Why did I breed,...because anything that could be bought was what I call one sided. Another words had good breeding (usually on the stud side) and the mare line was zero.

I bred to a stallion from a line of international performers and even though I did nothing with the mare, her sire was from a line of national and international performance horses in hunter, jumper and mainly eventers.

If you do your research you will minimize the possibility of a less than desired foal.

So breed responsibly and you are likely to be happy to become responsible for the result.

ridergirl23 04-23-2010 09:59 PM

I agree with what kevin said.
I would love to breed my mare, but i would want to get my own farm before i ever did that, which wont be anytime soon. haha.
but i absalutely love her disposition and she has a great conformation. But frankly, i dont have the resources to keep a foal or the time to train it, and Rena isnt old or permanintly lame or anything, so i wouldnt want her off work for longer then 3 weeks1 haha which just wouldnt work.
but give me a good place to keep them, and i will find a nice studboy (ooo i already have one in mind, haha) and give me nothing to do for a few years, and i would do it. haha

Brighteyes 04-23-2010 10:37 PM

A friend of mine wanted to breed a mare once. It was a gorgeous mare with good lines, great temper, and excellent conformation. Great example of the breed.

Well, she got chewed out for breeding. "You know there are thousands of horses laying in fields dying and you're breeding new ones? You selfish bitch!"

I personally disagree with the person who said this. Good breeders should not pay for other people's stupidity!

There is always a market for a well-bred, well-trained horse. How do you think breeders stay afloat? They're selling foals! No one wants a fugly when they can have a beautiful, well-bred, well-trained, horse with a known past who excels at what it was bred for.

So, in summery, yes. Breed only the best horses. Don't bred your ugly Heinz 57 because she's a pretty color, nice, or a "good trail horse". We have no shortage of good "trail horses"!

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