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Bitless 01-16-2008 06:02 AM

My mum got bucked off and broke her collerbone!!!!!!
Omg i feel absoulutly awfull :cry:
I was lunging Foxy, My 15.2hh, solid build TB. I have done this heaps of times wiht mum before and its been fine. But yea i was lunging him and mum was riding him, i was giving her a lesson. All we had planned was a few cirlces walking and a little bit of a trot.

But my silly boy dropped his head, i gave him a bit of a growl and told him to get his head up, then the little bugger took a few strides and did 2 bucks :shock: poor mum flew over his head :oops:
Crashed onto her sholder then back. I was terrifyed because she wasnt moving :( i ran over, she was consous, thank god!, winded tho so couldnt breath properly. I got her to roll on her back. trying to think recovery position, which i think is actually on your side....but yea..didint know what to do! She got her breath back and was able to sit up. Said her shoulder hurt, i took a look and said i think you dislocated it , as it looked like a bone was poking out , a bump in the skin. So i unsaddled Foxy and raced mum to the hospital. Xrays were taken and yea she had actually dislocated or fractured some bones on her colar bone or somthing like that.

My god i felt so horrible, like it was all my fault. I wanted to cry but i didnt :( I can honestly say through all the accidents i have had riding it was scarier seeing her come off and have this happen than all of them combined. Im angry at Foxy but of course know that its what horses do and he just got to excited and silly, but im angry at myself more. I know it wasnt my fault but it feels like it was...possibly because it was on my horse..i dunno.

Either way absolutly no one will be riding either of my horses for along time, only i will be. One horse is lame so hes gonne be a bit of work onces hes ready to start again.

but yea that was my scary afternoon. :cry:

meggymoo 01-16-2008 08:00 AM

:shock: Gosh, ((Big hugs)) and best wishes for mum.

Vidaloco 01-16-2008 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by meggymoo
:shock: Gosh, ((Big hugs)) and best wishes for mum.

Same from me. I know its tough not to feel like its your fault but its not. Had to be your mom didn't it :cry:

kim_angel 01-17-2008 02:44 PM

Ouch! Sorry to hear your mother got hurt.


Had to be your mom didn't it
...but better her mom than someone who would sue her. :( People are "sue crazy" these days.

PoptartShop 01-17-2008 05:00 PM

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Aw I'm sorry; I hope your Mom feels better soon! *hugs*
Don't blame yourself, it wasn't really your fault at all.
Foxy probably didn't mean it; things happen. I'm just glad it wasn't worse!

Bitless 01-17-2008 10:27 PM

Mums not to bad. Shes on strong painkiller, which can make her tired. But better that than heaps of pain.

As for Foxy. Lol. We went and saw him the next day to fill up the water troughs. Foxy didnt want to come over. He was side on, about 5 meters away looking sad. I said ' naw dont you wanna come over and say hi, you feeling guilty', Mum said out the window of the car,' its ok Foxy i forgive you'. Lol and as soon as she said that he came over for a pat. Haha. Silly boy.

PoptartShop 01-17-2008 10:37 PM

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Aw that's good she's doing better.
Aww, Foxy must've felt bad. :P Hehe aww!

jazzyrider 01-18-2008 06:16 AM

oh dear! thats no good

i can tell ya something about feeling guilty. when i was 14 my step dad bought me a tb mare. she was really nice but didnt like men. one day i wanted to ride my pony but my mare needed to go for a walk as well. so i protested until dad said he would walk her so i could ride my pony. anyways, she was unsure of dad because she didnt like men and to add to that a group of motorbikes went past and she shied pretty bad. dad had a loose rein on her and she swung around and double barreled him in the face. fortunately one of the ladies at the stables was a nurse and she saw to dad until the ambulance came. apparently he was in his back and choking in his own blood when she got to him. he had broken his nose in 3 places, split his chin open and the tips of her hoof got him under one eye and burst a whole bunch of blood vessels in his eye. looked awful and i felt so terrible. i didnt even know what had happened until i heard the ambulance sirens coming up the road. i was jumping my pony out the back and hadnt even seen the accident.

when i saw dad he was covered in blood and someone was leading my sweating horse back to the stable and i felt ridiculously bad. dad however enjoyed the morphine and the nurses attention lol he told me not to feel bad and that he should have had her on a tighter lead as he knew she was nervous etc etc etc but i still felt awful cause it was my daddy who got hurt by my horse

as dad said to me for years and even in our talk we had when we knew he was dying, he knew as well as the next person what risks are involved with dealing with horses. he played russian roulette with the risk and the risk won lol (his words)

dont beat yourself up about it. all you can do it learn from it as it seems you have because you arent letting anyone on your horse now :)

hugs and best wishes to your mum :)

meggymoo 01-18-2008 12:18 PM

Aww Jazzy, you made me cry. :cry:

((Big Hugs)) to everyone.

Delregans Way 01-18-2008 04:10 PM

:( aww hugs all around :P Unfortunaly things like that happen in the horse industry.... :cry:

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