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SorrelHorse 04-27-2010 12:16 PM

Ahh! Shedding out all wrong!
Jester's fur is driving me mad! Usually when he shed sout he will shed out pretty evenly, but this time for some reason he is only shedding out half way. His white is still fluffy and his sorrel is almost all the way done shedding, and he still has tufts on his legs and on his face. His left cheek is still fuzzy but his right one is sleek. I've enver had a hrose to this before. I tried the Furminator on him but the hair doesn't seem to be loose at all. I know Paints will often have thicker white hair and a lot of mine do but its just so odd that the white isn't shedding out at all =/

Help? Anyone else experiencing this?

MuleWrangler 04-27-2010 03:32 PM

I'm having the same issue with my pally KMSH. His neck, armpits and legpits (lol) and a few other areas shed a couple weeks ago, but his barrel, rump and face are still hanging in there. I tried the Furminator, too, and the hair won't come off! He looks really funny!

Cinnys Whinny 04-27-2010 03:36 PM

Wow, glad I'm not the only one. Same issue with Katie and no amount of time with the slick brick or furminator do any good! It's a good thing we hadn't entered her in the Paint Horse Spring Color show last weekend.
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Wallaby 04-27-2010 03:42 PM

Lacey's neck (from her withers/arm pits forward) and chest are completely nekked, her face is almost done and along her backbone is pretty much done. But her belly is mostly completely furry still. Her butt has lost all the really long guard hairs but the short ones are still there. It's ridiculous. haha That the same way she shed last year though so it's not really weird.

themacpack 04-27-2010 04:35 PM

You could always clip.

Speed Racer 04-27-2010 05:14 PM

Mine too. I think it's this weather we're having.

Mack is almost completely shedded out except for his legs, Casper's barrel is still unshedded although the rest of him is pretty much sleeked out, and JJ is shedding in patches. Very strange!

mom2pride 04-27-2010 05:42 PM

Only one horse here is pretty much all the way shed out. The other two still have alot of fuzzies hanging in there!!!

My Beau 04-27-2010 06:28 PM

My QH is still fuzzy along his belly and rump. My Oldenburg has longer hair all along her back and rump. My TB is completely shed out.

I also think it is the weather... seems to be coming off very slowly this year.

Pidge 04-27-2010 06:47 PM im not alone...romeo's neck shoulders face and butt have all shed out but his entire midscetion is still furry...some of the hair is loose but alot isnt...

I think its to do with the funky weather...

Indyhorse 04-27-2010 07:54 PM

LOL I'm having the opposite problem! Claymore's white (which is most of him) is nice and sleek now, along with his roaned front end. However, his brown spots on his rump are still like half an inch long, it looks ridiculous, like his butt is covered with buttons. And it's impossible not to chase him around pushing on them. He hates me right now. :twisted:

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