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Equus_girl 04-27-2010 08:20 PM

Possible Business? Any Advice?
I thought of something I could possibly do as a little business as well as being able to work with horses. I don't know if people actually do this type of thing but I'm curious to see if you think it would work.

I personally have been horrified at how many children do not know the safety positions around horses and put themselves in huge danger thereby. I'm teaching my 7 year old cousin all the safety rules about horses and how to understand how they act and think. She is learning fast and already knows her safety positions, you don't stand behind a horse, you don't make fast movements or loud noises around them, ect. ect.

So I was wondering if I taught safety around horses, if people would be interested? I've been around many, many different horses over nine years including, newborn foals and their mothers, abused horses, stallions, training young horses and many others. I would teach general safety, the horse's body language and how to use our bodies to communicate to them, grooming, saddling and bridling ect. I could also perhaps teach them the very basics of riding, such as how to steer a horse and keep control of it, be balanced and all that. I'm fairly good at riding but I don't have any riding instructor certificate!

I was also thinking I could maybe teach things like doctoring a horse for minor things, bandaging and all that.

I personally feel the ground rules and safety are more important as more accidents happen on the ground than actually on the horse. I have an 18 year old mare that would be absolutely perfect for this kind of thing. She has lots of life and spunk to her, but is very calm and sensible. She's especially good with children. What do you think? Would it be a good idea, or are people just mainly interested in the actual riding lessons?

Amba1027 04-27-2010 08:33 PM

First things first: Where would you be teaching these lessons? Would it be on your own property? Because if not you would need the permission of the BO (obviously). And if it is on your own property I think there might be some insurence issues you would need to look into (not sure though).

As far as people being interested in this service, I can't say for sure. I would love if someone would come to my barn and teach all the little kids not to run around screaming while I'm trying to work. Of course they are in a program that is supposed to be teaching them safety around horses (among other things) but it really doesn't seem to sink in with these kids. It might have more to do with the group enviroment they are in, but I know for a fact they know not to stand behind a horse and yet every week I hear their instructor telling them to look where they are standing... and low and behold they are standing directly behind a horse.

In short, it's a good idea, and definately something that needs to be taught. But at that age, and in a group setting, I think it would be much more difficult to pull off than just teaching your cousin by herself. Small children who don't listen are really frustrating to deal with in my opinion, and when they are in a potentially dangerous situation, it's even worse.

Equus_girl 04-27-2010 08:39 PM

I don't board at a barn, I have my horse in a field that our neighbor lets me keep her in free of charge. Would that be a problem legally? I would have them signs a waiver.

I know, it does seem to not sink in to some kids! I guess they don't understand how big horses are! I don't know if I would do it in a group setting - I think that would cause problems. I was thinking individually or maybe two at a time. I would want to give them my full attention and them to be giving me and the horse full attention - not fooling around with the other kids.

Its just a thought I had and I wondered if it might work. Thanks for the opinion and advice - I really appreciate it!

Amba1027 04-27-2010 08:53 PM

As far as the property thing, I don't actually know what you would need. Maybe someone else on here will be able to tell you. It just seems to me that you might need some sort of insurence thing or something along those lines in case a kid gets hurt. But again, I'm not really sure on this point.

I don't think they don't understand how big the horses are... I don't know. It's like they just don't get it. Because I'll see these kids get all nervous being in the stall with the horse, but then later they'll be standing right behind it. Anyway I definately think it is something the kids at my barn could benefit from.

wyominggrandma 04-27-2010 08:55 PM

I would be very very careful about teaching people how to "doctor" minor wounds, bandaging, etc. This can be taken for practicing veterinary medicine without a license by someone and you could get into alot of trouble for trying to be nice.
For instance, say you show someone how to bandage a cut on a leg. And that person goes home and the next time they see a cut on their horses leg, they bandage it, yet do it too tightly, bandage wrong and damage a tendon, any number of things. They end up with a big vet bill and you get in trouble for "practicing without a license".
I have worked for vets for over 25 years in California and Wyoming. Lots of people always ask me to "come do this for my horse or dog or cat". I always politely decline and suggest they see a vet.
You could get sued over something as simple as showing someone how to give a shot, for instance a penicillin shot to their horse and they give a shot, hit a vein, inject the penicillin and the horse dies.
Just a thought, in this sue happy world we live in, being helpful like you are suggesting could just get you into trouble.

Equus_girl 04-27-2010 10:44 PM

Thats a good point wyominggrandma on the doctoring issue. I didn't really think of that but it makes sense. If I do this I don't think I will teach them that. Thanks for the advice!

I will check out whether I would need insurance or not or if a waiver would be sufficient. I think a lot of kids could benefit from this type of thing as so many just don't seem to understand that horses can potentially kill them if they are not being safe. I think being around horses should be a bit like driving a car. You read a book and learn the rules and then you pass a test. lol!

alexischristina 04-27-2010 11:39 PM

Hey, another Canadian! Awesome, haha. I was thinking about doing something like that too... I don't know where you are, but if in you're in BC you should post what you find out. ;)
The insurance I have right now protects me, my horses, and injury as a result of my horses. If you got something like that, plus a waiver, I think it SHOULD be sufficient...

Equus_girl 04-27-2010 11:50 PM

Yay! Its nice to see other Canadians on the forum! I'm in Alberta but if I can find out what the rules are I'll post them. Thanks for the information!

alexischristina 04-28-2010 01:36 AM

Oh I know! Everywhere I look everybody is from the states or Australia, I swear, haha.
I don't think the laws are TOO different between Alberta/BC but I could be wrong.

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