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Abby 01-16-2008 10:57 PM

What do your horses eyes say?
My horses eyes are sloped in the back and he looks like he's always concerned or something when he looks at you. He has a very gentle but curious expression. It makes me just want to kiss and hug him to death.

What do your horses eyes express?

free_sprtd 01-16-2008 11:16 PM

PoptartShop 01-17-2008 12:20 AM

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Hmm. Lexi's look like she's focused & innocent. :P

^innocent, hehe!
^sry it's blurry!
^SO focused. :)

Abby 01-18-2008 12:15 AM

Hehe I agree. I definitely see curiosity. :) I should get some pictures of Solomon's eyes. Sometimes he looks like he's about to cry and its adorable. Kind of like those Precious Moments? His eyes look like that sometimes.

Jojo 01-18-2008 09:37 PM

My mare's eyes were almost human. You could look into them and you saw someone as intelligent as any person. It was incredible. Her sire is like that, too. His name is Rocky Dancer and if you go to I think his picture is up on the homepage and you can see what I mean. I'm too lazy to double check that url. But I will later.

ilovemydun 01-18-2008 10:04 PM

RockinTheBit07 01-18-2008 11:14 PM

Well it depends on what Joe is doing that depend on how his eyes look. For the most part he has somber looking eyes that look sad and innocent, but when something spooks him they are more terrified. But when he is investigating like sniffing me or w/e he has a curious look.

ilovemydun 01-18-2008 11:40 PM

Rockinthebit - i love how in the 3rd picture one eye is red and the other is blue! i have a picture of my horse..and the flash did some weird crazy thing where her eyes were the color of her halter. :shock:

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