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RedTree 04-28-2010 07:33 AM

Critque Riding and Movement
Ok I never done this before :) and this is the first time I have seen a video of myself
I just watched this and relized it is really bad quality sorry. it did look good on my camera

Anyway I thought I would critque it first
I kick to much, like I don't keep my feet still. I am actually carrying a whip, but I don't really use it that much. I also notice my toes are pointing out. My hands need to be higher as well I think. I think I am rocking at the canter, Like trying to push him forward.
He is moving really slow? I think it may be because my friend starting filming towards the end of my ride.
I was wondering if someone could tell me if he was working right like from behind

This is his good side didn't get a video of his bad

Scoutrider 04-28-2010 07:55 AM

I'm not too tremendous at critiques, but here goes... :lol:

You've hit about everything that I could see from the vid. I see that your feet do get quieter at the canter, and there is no vid of a sitting trot. Perhaps some of the movement can be accounted for by your posting? Try riding without stirrups for a fair portion of your rides, including rising trot work, to make sure that you aren't posting off of the stirrups.

Make some use of the crop if you're carrying it. I'd rather see a tap to back up a sustained squeeze than constant bumping. Additionally, the bumping will eventually deaden his sides to your leg. Kicking also shortens stride length... a tap with a crop behind the leg will lengthen it. There's a reason that jockeys ride with whips rather than kicking the horses down the track -- a short stride is not what you want coming to the wire. :wink:

His movement doesn't look bad, at least to my novice eye. If there's one thing that I've learned about horses in the past year its that the rider impacts the horse's movement tremendously. I'm willing to bet that once your positional issues are resolved he will start working better through his bum and back.

He's a cute little fella, BTW!
Good luck! :D

RedTree 04-28-2010 08:01 AM

Ok thankyou.
I only just started using the whip and am still geting used to it :) but my aim is to stop kicking and use the whip. not agressivly just taps.
And I will start to ride without stirrrups for parts of my ride lol kinda dreading as hes trot is bouncy, but it will be for the best :)

sarahver 04-28-2010 08:33 AM

You are right, your toes need to point more forwards but don't worry that is a very common problem! The rocking motion at the canter is actually related, both of these problems stem from not having enough weight in the heel and lower leg.
Try doing lots of exercises without stirrups, it will help you to transfer some of this weight to your lower leg and develop a more balanced seat. This will help to lengthen your leg and position it along the girth (where it belongs) where your aids will be more effective. Just make sure you have nice posture when you do this by keeping your shoulders back and your head up.

The continuous kicking may be slightly annoying for your horse but he really isn't responding much by stretching out and moving partly because at the moment you are kind of 'nudging' him with your calf. Instead you need to use firm heel aids, just behind the girth and if he doesn't respond give him a tap with the whip as the first post mentioned - he should listen to you! Incorporate some trotting poles also to encourage him to stretch out at the trot.

Your reins are also a little loose for my liking, you should have constant, even
contact with him so that you can 'push' him onto the bit more. His movement will improve vastly if you can get him to be a little lighter and more forward, he looks like he is on a leisurely Sunday ride at the moment!

Your horse is a cutie though - what a beautiful tail! I always notice a nice tail as most of my horses had wimpy thin ones ha ha

Spyder 04-28-2010 08:36 AM

While the crop might help in getting him to go forward the problem does not lay there.

You have given this horse no help with balance and that he falls out of the transitions is a manifestation of that lack of help. The horse has no balance to maintain a decent canter or trot and hence the variations in gait. You have no contact so he just does what he can or feels you want as long as he feels like it and feels safe doing it.

In the first canter to trot he is not ridden out of the canter but allowed to change gait and he falls outs and runs on the forehand in a quick "I am trying to get my balance" type of trot. Your contact which could have helped was not there. Then when he more or less got himself half organized he slowed down in spite of your active legs because he didn't want to run through the lack of front end contact, so he did a trot he felt safe with (again lack of balance).

When you re asked for the canter you didn't get it right away because again you had no contact so he ran through the bridle on the forehand and after some speed was built up he again fell into the canter, which he fell out of a short time later until you urged him back. He fell out of the canter again because of balance problems.

Until you sit up and use what was given to you naturally ( your rear) and drive him into the trot and canter and into a sustaining hand that aids him in achieving and maintaining balance your problem will not get better.

RedTree 04-28-2010 08:46 AM

I had to re watch my reins but I agree they are really loose.
Thanks for pointing that out :)
I will tighten my reins a little, but then sometimes when I tighten he stiffens like his head goes up higher ?
What would you suggest for the balance as well, I lunge him and do cirlce work *on ocassion* I think I may have to do some more

Spyder 04-28-2010 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by RedTree (Post 617990)
I had to re watch my reins but I agree they are really loose.
Thanks for pointing that out :)
I will tighten my reins a little, but then sometimes when I tighten he stiffens like his head goes up higher ?
What would you suggest for the balance as well, I lunge him and do cirlce work *on ocassion* I think I may have to do some more

Just tightening the reins is not the answer but what you do with shortened reins.

And that is a matter that covers chapters of many books.

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