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diamond zar 01-17-2008 12:55 AM

How many is to many?
i just wanted to no how many horses people ride during the week...

this year i will be in year 12, vice captain, getting a job and playing netball...
ATM i've worked out ill be riding 2 horses for ponyclub, training 2 ponies to sell and theres a possibility ill be retraining a tb... this is suddonly sounding a bit undoable... :shock:

so i just wanted to no if it can be done lol...

thanx :D

Bitless 01-17-2008 04:10 AM

It depends on how well you can manage your time and how much determination and engery you can hold onto while doing all these activitys. Only you will know if you can do it. If you work out a practical scedule that fits everything in then go by that. If it starts to feel to demanding and you need to let something go then do so. Dont try and do everything if you cant. You need to do everything to your best ability so you dont want to go getting yourself all frazziled :wink: .
But i think give it ago it can work if you really feel it can :D
No harm in trying. :)

jazzyrider 01-17-2008 05:35 AM

^^ i agree

mack yourself a mock schedule and see if you can realistically fit everything in. but even then, sometimes things work on paper but not in reality. get a schedule going and then give it a try. see how you go and dont push yourself. if you start to feel tired or run down, rearrange how you do things.

oh and as much as im going to sound all mother like, eat really well. fruit, vegies and all that stuff. the best way to keep your body going when you are ona busy schedule is by making sure you eat well and dont neglect the things that keep you energetic and fit :D

diamond zar 01-17-2008 07:49 AM

lol thanks guys, im looking forward to the struggle i like to keep myself busy and give myself goals or i get really bored and seem to annoy everyone around me :lol:

the only prob im seeing is that all my horses are 30minutes drive away and by the time id get out there after school it'd be 4. but with my bf strapping i should get a couple of rides in... i guess now me and my trainer (bf's mum) will have an excuse for a arena with lights now :D yay!

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