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kmacdougall 04-29-2010 08:17 PM

Most Important Thing You've Learned?
What's the most important thing you've learned about horses?
Just one thing, that you think is such a good piece of advice, everyone should know?

I think mine came from my dad, who isn't even really a horseperson. He said to me one day "you have to have patience for that horse to have respect." Ever since, I've had a wealth of patience (when it comes to horses) and never lose my cool around them or get fed up and quit.


My Beau 04-29-2010 08:37 PM

"Only you know your horse"

If your horse doesn't feel quite right, don't let your trainer talk you into riding anyway because he looks fine. If you notice your horse isn't himself in some small way, even though he looks fine to everyone in the barn that day, hang around anyway just in case you have to call the vet later. All the little situations like that :)

savvylover112 04-29-2010 08:45 PM

Take the time it takes so it takes less time :D I love that one basically about patience too :D

IslandWave 04-30-2010 02:14 AM

The horse is the reflection of its rider.

And when lunging/herding don't block the horse! Body language is key.

TabianoPaint 04-30-2010 04:57 AM

be gentle with your horse!! violence never solves anything XD... i've learnt to always be gentle... and never get aggressive with my horses!!

rocky pony 04-30-2010 05:10 AM

Oh goodness, what have I learned from working with horses that isn't a major important thing? There are so many things that are so important.
I guess I'd also have to say patience. Everything takes patience and you really can't get by with horses without it. I've learned so much more patience over the years and continue to improve all the time. Patience will constantly be tested by the horses in our lives (and in some cases the horses not yet in our lives!) but if you can get through it and stay consistant you will do well and be better off in life in general.

paintsrule 04-30-2010 04:38 PM

That no two horses are the same, and while you think some are stupid or will never learn, you have to listen to them and learn how to ride them differently than any other horse, and talk to them in their own language, and use whatever methods work for them alone, and push them past whatevers stopping them, because if you can figure it out they can learn to do it, its your fault not theirs.

smrobs 04-30-2010 04:51 PM

I have learned way too many things to pick just one that is the "most important", but one thing that is sticking out in my mind now is "If you are going to ride a horse, then ride the horse. Don't just sit up there like a sack of flour. If you never ask him for anything, then he will never learn to offer."

whiskeynoo 04-30-2010 04:59 PM

theres always something new to learn no matter how experienced.

ridergirl23 04-30-2010 05:39 PM

I learned from my mom, getting mad at the horse doesnt sovle anything.
or, its always the riders fault. (i learned that from my trainer. ya, soem things the horse is doing, but its better to check the rider first, before punishing the horse)
"less is more" haha :] I could go on and on

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