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BriLeigh 01-17-2008 06:02 PM

Need Gaming Help
Ok so I have a gaming horse. I am a dressage person. I am on a team and I would like to do fairly decent. I have been to about 7 open shows since I have had her so I can figure her out a little. Our major problem is a lot of our turns are kinda wide. Some are rpetty decent but others are not. It is inconsistent. I know that it is me not her, she knows her stuff. My question is what should I do to help make the turning sharper? And also in barrels we most all the time knock at least one down. I know to look at the next barrel and to use one rein to turn corners.

Abby 01-18-2008 12:35 AM

Are you using all of your aids to turn her? Like the rein, your seat and your leg?

My instructor always said turn your head in the direction, it causes your spine to shift which shifts your seat-bone weight and alerts the horse of a change before it takes place, then use your leg pressure with the rein. She may get it right off the bat, since you said she knows her stuff, or she may take a few tries. :) Eventually you can just start to shift your weight and gently touch the rein and she'll be cranking in the direction.

quixotesoxs 01-18-2008 10:24 PM

There are a lot of excersizes to fix this. One thing to do is do a figure 8 on the wall, turn towards the wall and get your horse on its butt. Reallt get your horse to use it's rear end a lot, that will get you strong turns. Also, ALWAYS use your inside leg when turning. This will get you a nice bend, thus getting consistant turns.

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