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Indyhorse 04-29-2010 11:49 PM

Looking for info on a black walker cross mare
I've been posting this on my local craigslist, off and on for some time, but I figure it can't hurt to post it here. Chances are slim anyone here might have seen her but one never knows.

I'm trying to track down information on a mare I sold several years ago. She was a Tennessee Walker cross, I was told at purchase she was Walker/Friesian, but was told by others she appeared more andalusian than friesian. She was around 15.1 hands. She had white coronet bands on the rear and a white star. Extremely long mane and tail, and lightly feathered fetlocks. At time of sale she was named Whisper, but that could have changed - she had no papers. I believe she was sold to a gentleman by the first name of "Al" sometime around 2002/2003. She was a very difficult to handle mare, very barn sour, very buddy sour, but you could tell she had had good training in the past, with some work she would have made someone an amazing horse. I believe she was sold to become a broodmare. She was gaited but (at the time) had a tendency to get very pacey. She was very, very fast and didn't like to slow down for anything. She was sold for me by the barn owners where she boarded at the time, in Monticello, IN, and I believe headed to live in Indianapolis.

If she's still around she'd be in her late teens/early twenties. I'd love to get her back, or at least just find out what happened to her and where she ended up. Please e-mail me if you had/have or knew/know this horse. Thanks so much for any help you can provide. Pictures of her below.

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