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RedTree 05-01-2010 03:35 AM

Not to sure?
I have been thinking about this book I read or I think I read.. I'm not to sure if I read this book or if I dreamt about it like daydreamed or something. I often do lol.
Anyway I was wondering if anyone else had read this story to confirm if it is a book or i dreamt it up.
The storey was based at a boarding school and there was a main character a girl in her junior year.
There were horses at the school, I think they got assigned there own horse or brought there own.
Anyway the main character (don't remember her name) needs help remembering a dressage test and she asks a senior member to help her remember. The older girl says it helps if you set up a little arena and go through the course on foot. So they did.
Senior girl is not eating well and is trying to convince joniur member to join her like thats the only way to go.
Senior member faints in the tack shed junior member finds her.
I'm pretty sure then the junior member goes to the principal or a council and tells that this girl is eating unhealthy.
Senior girl ends up in hopsital. Junior girl vists her and they make up.

Thats pretty much all I can remember about it.
If anyone has read could you give me the name or I think I am going to start writing it down. lol its been in my head for a while now.

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