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koomy56 01-18-2008 08:59 PM

PONIES FOR SALE!!!(Price reduced)
**Price reduced, owner just wants to find a good home cant afford to keep them!**

Hey everyone-
I have two adorable ponies that desperately need a loving home. Their owner has undoubtedly outgrown them.
Buzz is a 13.2 Welsh/QH chestnut gelding. He is coming 7, still green broke but is at a great place to become someone's next project. He walks, trots, and canters and has been started over fences. He loves to trail ride, water bridges and ditches are no problem.He went to his first show this last summer and did very well. All he needs is miles! :)

Asking 1000, but will take best offer.

Rosie is a 12.2 Welsh/Arab. Super super cute. She is a red roan/gray and would be adorable in the hunter ring. She too, could be someone's next project. She is coming 5 and has also been started under saddle. All she needs are wet saddle pads, a kid to love, and a pocket full of peppermints.

Asking also 1000, but will take best offer.

We live in Montrose, CO.
Please notify me interested! Owner is desperate!

-xx-sally-xx- 01-20-2008 07:06 PM

They look like really nice ponies!! I'd like to know a little more about them though..
Are they registered/branded?
What age people/kids has rode them?
And are they broken to harness?
Also, you wouldn't happen to know what the shipping rate to Austrlia would be would you? :S

Im very much interested in Rosie, but may take both if you would like them being together. Providing they're what im looking for of course!! *hehe*

Also do you have more photos of them? Like working, doing trot poles etc.. if not thats ok!!


koomy56 01-20-2008 11:03 PM

Hi! Wow, all the way to Australia? :D
They are both registered welsh ponies. They do not have brands.
The owner, who is coming 16 this month has had these ponies for the last several years. She bought them when she was a LOT shorter, and her legs never stopped growing. haha. She is an intermediate rider who started these ponies under the supervision of myself and the barn's trainer, Maree McAteer. She is from New Zealand- maybe you know her! :) She used to be a show jumper, but is now focusing on starting young horses and fixing others. She does natural horsemanship clinics, but teaches everything under the sun about horses.
Are you talking harness as in being driven? In that case, no.
I have no idea the shipping rate. I will ask Maree, she might know.
The owner would love for them to go together, but they are not attached to one another so that isnt one of her main priorities.
Rosie is a character. She really stands out. We call her Miss Piggie because she has that demeanor of "Look how perfect I am, dont you see it?" She was an orphan foal, I am not sure if you have had many experiences with those. She's quiet, but can have spunk when not worked with consistantly. She takes a quiet, soft rider, who isnt a beginner. She's easy to catch, and stand for the farrier. She's the kind of pony that if you show her the way, she'll learn to do anything. Her owner has been the main rider except the occasional rides from Maree. She lives out with 10 other mares and is a bit bossy, but not the alpha.
She's an easy keeper, and lives barefoot.
Buzz is also and extremely cute pony. Its a bummer she got so tall (5'8" and 115 lbs!) because she ended up with some fancy ponies.
Buzz has done some jumping, and has done many trail rides. I would say is is a level ahead of Rosie, only because she didnt have enough time to spend with them equally. He, too, takes a gentle, soft rider. He could carry a rider just getting past the beginning phases of riding because at his point in training he's a little more tolerant.
He lives out in a 20 acre feild with 30 or so more geldings and typically stays out of trouble. He's a friendly, playful guy who l o v e s attention. His owner can hop up on him bareback w/ a halter and ride him to the gate.
What would you be using them for? Do they sound like something you could work with? Looking forward to hearing from you!

-xx-sally-xx- 01-28-2008 09:53 PM

hello again!!

I'd definately be using them for shows and things, but also taking them to pony club etc.. I dont know how to convert measurements, but im 158cm tall and 45kg and ride a shetland for a woman just out of town so i shouldn't be too big..

I'd also have tham for begginer riders to ride, and Rosie sounds perfect for that!!

I was wondering if i took both, could i have a little off? its no trouble if i cant but with shipping etc. it may become a little pricey if they're not exactly what im looking for! bit hard with overseas!! ha ha lol they sound magnificent though!!

I haven't had an orphan foal before, although we'll have endless amounts of poeple to help if i need it!!

At our place, we have 3 1/2 acres with stockyards on which we keep my pony Oscar (Tundra Park Oscar. APSBS reg.) and my Thoroughbred barney.. we have access to a further 2 acres, dams and pony club grounds a 5 minutes walk from our property, which includes holding yards, full size dressage arena, jumping paddocks, cross country course and acres of Red Gum forest with countless trails.. We're also getting some stables put in soon (i hope).. We compete almost every weekend on different horses.. We alternate them to their workload, experience etc.. I could send you some photos if you'd like?

If the owner or you dont agree with any of this thats ok..

Hope to hear back!!

upnover 01-28-2008 10:59 PM

I have to sell the project pony I have now otherwise I'd be VERY interested! (project ponies is what I do) Even still, can you tell me more about them? I'd be more interested in Buzz (the bigger one). What are they like to ride? Are they laid back and beginner friendly? Have they been hauled to any different places? Are they spooky at all? Do you have a video available? I think before I went up to CO to look at something I'd definately have to have a video first. Do you have any other pictures available? Thanks!

upnover 01-28-2008 11:02 PM

forgot to ask, is 13.2 an estimate or his true measurement?

-xx-sally-xx- 01-29-2008 04:45 AM

O i forgot to ask earlier today.. is that 1000 pounds, dollars, i dont know!! lol and what would be the conversion for that, if you know?? Thanks again!!

koomy56 01-29-2008 09:55 AM

Hey guys! Thanks for you interest! I have to run outside and feed, I'll post back to all your Q's soon!

kchfuller 02-19-2008 03:56 PM

i would like some more info about the chestnut ... i have 5'6-5'7 and weigh about 135 ... do you think im to big for him?
do you have any more pics?
im located in CA where exactly in CO are you located, i wanted to mapquest how far of a drive it would be ... thanks!

-xx-sally-xx- 02-24-2008 05:32 AM

Hello!! i was just wondering if the ponies are still for sale? Thanks!!

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