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ButterfliEterna 05-02-2010 01:29 AM

Clicker Training Success? (Also training opn.)
Hi everyone,

My friend and I have had discussions about training techniques, and I'm all for the "Natural" way. Clicker training has been on my mind, and I've read of success stories -- and noticed that back in November/2009 someone also posted an inquiry.

I'm about to start a filly with ground manners via Clicker Training in the next few months, and I was wondering if your efforts had been fruitful?

Also, said friend has voiced that she wants to officially "break" the filly. Problem being, I'm not comfortable with that and I've told her such. I think that saddle-breaking shouldn't be rushed, and my friend is (IMO) sometimes a little harsh with her gelding.

I find that while I've done extensive research (Parelli techniques; Cavalia?; do's/don'ts; physical/mental factors; etc, (i love Google!)), my friend has not, and refuses the information that I have collected (even though, in my opinion, it might help her and the gelding communicate better under saddle).

The reason I am uncomfortable with this is not only our opposite training methods, but our views on everything else clash as well!

As her (soon-to-be) owner, trainer and Alpha, I feel that she is my responsibility, and as such, I am responsible for her overall well-being. Being patient and gentle, yet firm and collected is what I want to express to her as the Alpha; and again, IMO, I do not want her to feel unnecessary discipline because she (filly) and friend cannot properly communicate.

Sorry! I guess I've unintentionally asked for two opinions. :(

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