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TheRoughrider21 05-02-2010 07:37 PM

What should a yearling be able to do?
So, its pretty much decided, on PMS shows, if there's room in the trailer, I'm taking my filly to halter and showmanship classes. I've never done halter or showmanship before so I have only a lil idea of what they want the horse to be able to do. If you could tell me what they will expect her to do and what I should all train her to do, that would be very helpful. Thanks! =)

StylishK 05-03-2010 03:37 PM

I'm not sure what PMS shows so it may be different. My experience is with AQHA, but I'm sure its similar.

For halter they need to know how to walk and jog/trot on the lead, and set up square. But you can touch them in halter to get them set up square.

Showmanship is walk, trot/jog, pivoting (mostly to the right, but you may have to do a pull turn which is towards you or too the left), setting up, backing.

However I will say I'm not a huge advocate of pivoting a yearling a lot.

I've been working with my yearling and he catches on to showmanship fast, I like to work on just moving his shoulders, but he's already figured out that I want him to pivot so I've just stopped working on that part of the showmanship and I'm going to get him really good at the other stuff first. However later in his showmanship year I'll work on the pivot again. My advice for pivoting is just be really careful to not do to much of it, because as you know they are still growing and you don't want to ruin his hocks. I don't think you will do any harm if you work on pivots on a small scale, just don't be doing tons and tons of pivots.

Any other specific questions feel free to ask and I'll try to help :)

TheRoughrider21 05-03-2010 03:55 PM

PMS stands for practice makes sence so basically they're schooling shows. I've looked at the show bills for them and yearlings are in showmanship with all the other older horses so it will probably just be used as a training practice for her...I'm not expecting any ribbons. Could you tell me how to do a pivot? I'm not really sure how they are done. Thanks!

StylishK 05-03-2010 03:58 PM

I'll try I'm not always the best at explaining.

The way I start with my horses is to get the moving their shoulder.
If they give me one cross over of their leg I'll walk forward and do it again then add another cross over and another and eventually I'll quit asking them to walk forward and the pivot will just come.

So basically I worry about the front end, get it moving correctly, and the pivot just ends up coming. The key here is keep the forward motion, you don't want the horse backing into a pivot or moving backwards. You want them to think about going forwards but they don't end up going forward eventually.

This is why I like the moving the shoulders technique for myself, it teaches them forward motion and then when I ask them to pivot its easy.

TheRoughrider21 05-03-2010 04:30 PM

Thanks! I will try that with her. =)

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