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RedTree 05-03-2010 12:44 AM

My Worst fall
Well yesterday I had my worst fall in my riding experiance, lucky nothing was broken.
Just extremely sore today.
I just needed to tell some people as I stayed home today.
It was at pony club and we were having a jumping lesson.
He was jumping great, motivated and flying over the jumps I really felt like he could jump anything.
what our instucter wanted as to do was go over the first the canter to go over the second.
Anyway this was near the end of the lesson and the instructer put the jump up, I'm not to sure how high but I knew Buzz could jump it.
However the first jump we went over Buzz jumped really big and I wasn't expected it, and to make it easier I let him pull rein out of my hand, big no no, as the second jump was approaching I was trying to shorten my reins up, I can't remember if I did I think I may of started then the jump.
Well I jumped it but Buzz sure didn't.
I flipped over his head landed on my head i think, then I think I must of rolled once and ended up on my back.
I was winded tried to get up figured I liked the ground better for a little while.
Got up on my knees and had a blood nose.
Of course there were peolpe around me by now. Telling me to take it easy. Get up when I'm ready.
I was shaking soo much.
But I did get up, and back on.
Only rode him for about 10 minutes more, jumped once more but I asked if they could be put down.
Then I got off and had an ice pack to my nose as it was incredible sore.
Untacked Buzz, then went back to the club house.
My nose was really sore, people around me kept asking if I was ok which of course I said yes I'm fine.
I really wanted to cry but I didn't want to in front of all these people.
Someone said I should go to the docters as I may have a concussion.
I loaded Buzz up and I think he must of felt bad as he walked straight on, or he wanted to go home to see Cookie.
Dropped Buzz off asked my friend to feed as I was going to the hospital.
We went to the emergency, told the nurse at the front what had happend got taken in straight away and got a stupid neck coller on.
I mean my neck was hurting but not as bad as my nose.
Anyway after like twos waiting with the stupid neck coller and having x-rays on my neck docter came in and said i was fine.
checked my nose and said its just bruised.

I think it knocked back my confidence on jumping. I will hopefully be out tomorrow to see Buzz, as it was mainly my fault I wasn't expected it and I was mainly holding on for that jump not helping him.

Cookies to anyone that read I just needed to share

EventersBabe 05-03-2010 04:55 PM

I am so sorry. :( That must of sucked. I know how you feel though,
everything will be ok luckily you werent injured more so just take it easy and do it when your ready.

horsegirlmaddy 05-04-2010 06:12 PM

Falls are always hard, and you did yourself a favor by 1. getting back on and 2. going to the hospital, just in case! I hope you are able to regain your confidence.

I know what you mean, even if it isn't a bad fall, staying on the ground always seems like the way better option, but you don't want to look like a wimp, so you get up, against your better judgement!!!

RedTree 05-05-2010 08:43 AM

thanks :)
I now have two black eyes and a bruised nose to show for it now though :)
I was planning on lunging today as well but my arms is like dead hurts carrying books :(
but I will still ride lol

sarahver 05-05-2010 09:42 AM

What a fall! I love that you dusted yourself off, got straight back on and jumped those jumps again! You are a trooper. I had a similar fall years ago and it hurt like hell, be proud of those black eyes girl - you earned them!

I think as soon as nurses hear the words "horseriding fall" they whip out the neck brace quicker than anything. Just a tip for not waiting too long in emergency rooms: Tell them you are feeling woozy/tired, they'll get you looked at STRAIGHT away :-) (tell your parents you are OK though so they don't stress).

Hope you feel better soon.

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