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ChingazMyBoy 05-03-2010 07:32 AM

♥ Our Long Road ♥ To the top ♥
So I figured I'd make a journal of Chinga, this one shall be updated almost every day. Well first off some information on Chinga before I got him. When I first met Chinga he was an 8 year old, OTTB gelding. He was generally nuts, he is my first horse and I had only just gotten into riding more then once a week. I had ridden some nutty and green horses in my life. He was majorly small and calm for an OTTB who had only been off the track for around a month (He was 15.3hh) he was also very under weigh! I spent about a month knowing and loving him at his previous owners place until one day mum finally agreed to let him be mine. We posted flyers around and got a call one day. From a young girl with a pony named Pumpkin (PumpkinzMyBaby22).

Soon the day arrived that my new project horse arrived :) I was super excited! Chinga was meant to arrive at 6:00am. He was coming on a truck with all the other race horses -- although he was going to his new home instead of the race track -- something happened that he ended up arriving after the race horses. My horse speant eight hours on the truck. When Chinga finally arrived he was pacing and ready to get off the truck. I led him off the float, I was so proud. Although just before he arrived we had a phone call telling us his legs were massively swelled and not to worry about it and just exercize him and it would go down. So thats what I did, he was perfect :) The amazing horse is was. Although two weeks later this fun wore off.. So after around 12 months of rearing, bucking, bolting, kicking out, spining, ect. We finally got somewhere. Although this was after many tears and falls!

Thats all for tonight as I am off to bed! But will continue tomorow!

ChingazMyBoy 05-04-2010 05:01 AM

Dear Diary,

Chinga was amazing today. I didn't have time to ride him as I had to help out with a lesson in the afternoon. I am now meant to be doing an English Project and I'm gettin no where! So anyway, I put Chinga on the lunge for ten minutes in both directions he did super well. I set him up in some loose side reins and he seemed to get the idea. Now to get him to understand that I want this while riding as well. Sadly the trainer rung up today and cancelled (since we haven't handed the money over yet). The trainer had very acceptable reasons for cancelling so now we are hunting for another trainer and if we can't find one by October -- Eek! Then this trainer has offered to take Chinga on for training. Anyway, he was a good boy today stood well while I groomed him. I left him tied up while I made up his dinner and also stood well while I set up the side rens. Overall did not do one thing wrong apart from he came in twice on the lunge :) Other then that perfect pony.

PumpkinzMyBaby22 05-04-2010 05:05 AM

aww good job Maddie and Chinga. Glad to hear him being well behaved. I am behind you all the way :)

ChingazMyBoy 05-07-2010 06:01 PM

So I've kinda abandoned this journal at the moment. LoL. But I am back now and will start updating some more. The thread above explains what has been going on and there is also another recovery thread.

ChingazMyBoy 05-28-2010 04:13 AM

And I'm Back


Been pretty quiet and only managed to get out and ride Chinga once since I took him to pony club. He was a darling at Pony Club but I couldn;t jump him because he had a loose shoe but he was fine to work in the dressage arena. We rode in the new dressage saddle. I'm in love!! One week left till our comp so now its time to drill in our last 6 training sessions and not make a mistake!! Haha. Still haven't learnt the end of our dressage test but its pretty simple so we should go well. Egh... Rode him yesterday and he was a sweet heart. Hopped on bareback and we even cantered ((Haven't cantered him bareback in forever!!)). 6 Training Sessions Left. One Jumping. And 5 Dressage. The nerves have officially hit!! I have Maddie in my class so there is no way at all I am placing.. Baha!!

ChingazMyBoy 05-29-2010 02:24 AM

Dear Diary,

Had the best lesson ever today! Rode Chinga in it of course. Naturally he was the best horse I could ever imagine! We did sporitng since he has been working incredibly hard for our eventing competiton and he flew around all the courses! Getting a better time then the rest of the group on their school horses. He got into an argument with Benson. Because one of the other riders wasn't paying attention and Benson lunged at Chinga trying to bite him. But I managed to move him quick enough.

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