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Squeak 05-03-2010 05:38 PM

Underground? Best kept secrets?
This thread may fail miserably but...

I am into the local music scene, as in bands/artists that I can go sit down and listen to for $5-$10 if not for free, and really enjoy them. There are probably 10 bands that I could list right now that are Ohio or PA based and are incredibly good.

Do you know of any? I am always interested in finding new talent to listen to. I'm very into music, somewhat obsessed with it.

First i'll start off with a shameless plug for one of my very good friends. He has been playing acoustic, knocking on venue doors, and traveling all over the place to get his music heard for 7 years! I just love his music, and i go to every single show that i possibly can to support him. He just landed a record deal last year and will be dropping his first record-backed album hopefully very soon (he has 8 or 9 albums already, but nothing with a label).

His names Sean Benjamin, from Cleveland Ohio. He's also found on myspace and facebook, just search Sean Benjamin (Spelled the irish way).

I can't say i'm completely pleased with his studio produced music, but here's his music video for Chain Reaction.

But where he's the best, acoustic! This is my personal favorite song of his, if you sit and listen to the whole thing it's just... so sweet, and the guitar is just lovely in it (my fave instrument and he plays it so well).

Oh boy, then we have my good friend Maurice Martin and his band Winslow. I met Maurice through Sean a year or so ago, and he's been an amazing friend. He's helped me plan a benefit festival i am throwing to benefit my local animal shelter, and they're going to headline the show. This is very jazzy and soulful stuff, it's just amazing.

Hmm... my absolute FAVORITE band EVER. And i mean out of every band i've ever heard in my entire life... would be these guys...
They are just awe-inspiring to see live, their album is extremely wonderful, and they are great guys. Highly recommend you look for them online!

I'll stop now... lol I got tons more. Share your favorites, if you can show me bands that haven't made it big (yet) i would be thrilled! My favorite past time is discovering these people. :lol:

whiskeynoo 05-05-2010 07:23 PM

one of my fav local bands is a ska band called more from jim, those guys are just comically awesome :) and the singer from more from jim has agreed to be the cornet for this years rideouts because nobody had applied for it, he's never ridden a horse till recently as he's now getting lessons haha what a hero :)
more from jim have also been over to play in germany and played at the wickerman festival

their version of ghostbusters :)

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