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NordicJuniper 05-04-2010 02:22 AM

Beamer, Baby and More :]
Got to go out to Burley Creek Arabians and ride Beamer for the first time today. She was testing me but I think that with consitant work she will be awesome! She is really showy and flashy. I have video, not much though, that I will post once I have time to upload it.

Also the baby was born really early this morning, she is adorable!

Oh and my boyfriend got to go out there today and meet the horses, it is so odd cause he isn't a horse guy or at least he wasn't at all before we got together, but horses always seem to love him! I guess I must have picked a good one ;]

Meet the new baby:
Anticipation aka Annie
Bay Half Polish Arabian, Half Mixed Arabian Filly
Two back socks and a star, she is gonna be huge. Jessica [her owner] thinks she will be near 16hh when she is mature.

Then there is Beamer :] Feel free to critique her conformation, she is a National Show Horse.
If you stand her still and say "foot" to her she parks out and boy does she park out FAR!

Then there is Angel. She is a 13-15 year old Thoroughbred mare. Her owner lives in another state so eventerwannabe is gonna start working with her.

This is Honey, she is a I think Saddlebred x Arabian but I could be wrong. She is six and apparently really well mannered under saddle, eventerwannabe is gonna work with her as well.

This is Shazzy, the little 13.2hh untouched except for leading, mare that I wanna work with. She is adorable!

This is Bambi, she is Annie's half sister out of the same dam. She is only 2 or 3 and hurt her chest so she can't be worked with much right now but she sure does love my boyfriend for some reason lol.

Well that is all I have for you right now :]

EventersBabe 05-04-2010 09:59 AM

What a lovely bunch of horses and good for you on your man :) I chose a man who love horses to :)
Anyways what a cute baby i love foals. :D

eventerwannabe 05-04-2010 11:57 AM

Hehe, I had a feeling you would upload the pictures. Thanks for doing that, people have been bugging me for pictures of Angel and Annie. :)

mom2pride 05-04-2010 07:11 PM

Great pics!!! Beamer and Angel are my faves :D

missy567 05-04-2010 07:27 PM

Hehehe the baby was born on my birthday. Lol. Beautifull horses, good park out, love beamers coloring.

NordicJuniper 05-05-2010 01:01 AM

Yeah Annie is such a sweetie! She is huge though lol. Momma did a really good job.

It is funny cause we were trying to get Beamer to not park out but the girl that owned her years ago trained her to park out whenever she stopped even under saddle cause the girl was really proud of the saddlebred in her haha.

But I might be doing my first schooling show on Beamer this June and after that I might head to some pinto shows with her and some Arabian shows with Havanah :] I can't wait, Beamer is awesome, she is fiesty but I like her. I am going to teach her to jump as well, she has been started over crossrails but that is it, I guess she is good at it though.

NordicJuniper 05-06-2010 01:21 AM

I got to work with Shazzy today. I brushed her and got her coat looking better ;] I also brushed out her mane, it had two dreadlocks in it already and more were forming, luckily I got them out without having to cut her mane. She has an extremely long mane as you might be able to tell from the pics [you can also see her dreads in that pic too lol]

She is super super sweet! She likes to grab your fingers in her ginormous lips lol. I found out she was turned out in a pasture with her mom for the first six years of her life so she doesn't have much done on her. She knows how to lead but that is it, oh and she ties but not in crossties. She is really curious and likes to know what you have, why you have it and what you are going to do with it. I had to let her sniff the brushes and then show her what they were for before she was ok with it. But she is a sweetheart and likes to follow me around her paddock and rest her head on my shoulder.

Then there was Bambi who my boyfriend absolutely loves even though she is way too much horse for him lol. He is trying though and I am willing to teach him. She is like two or three so she is still kinda rude lol and he doesn't know much about horses so she was pushing him around while he was leading her. He did groom her though. I discovered she loves my zipper, she kept grabbing it in her teeth and unzipping my jacket ^.^

Eventerwannabe worked with Angel today too and we discovered she is insane in the arena, she was bucking and running around [free lunging sort of] but I think it is just because she has been either standing in a stall or in a small run for the last three years, she was just happy to be out. We shall see in due time though :]

Cookies for any and all that read lol.

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