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brodieluver26 05-04-2010 01:37 PM

Western To English/Trail "jumpin" to show jumping
I own a Black Quarter Horse named Brodie. I have had him for about 7 months now. When we got him he was just a pasture horse yet the owner claimed she rode him western. As a new horse buyer I was very inexperienced and I just fell in love with him. We seemed to connect that day. I had a chance to get on him and ride, and I was the first to ride him engish. So now I have been riding him engish and teaching him pretty much from scratch. He has come such a long way and I am very happy. I still need to get muscle on him and raise his hindquarters. My goal one day is to eventualy show him in Hunter Jumper...but I dont know how to start off his jumping carrer. I dont know if it is good for him or if a quarter horse can jump. I only want to jump up to 3 foot. The highest I've jumped with him was 1 foot and he never refused a jump. The only time he did was when there was a he is lazy and doesnt pick up his front feet. So what im truly asking..can I make a semi-western horse english?...and can a quarter horse jump?

Lis 05-04-2010 01:43 PM

A QH can definitely jump unless there are health reasons not to. There are plenty of horses who do both English and Western riding so teaching him English so long as you can do it should be no problem.

munschk 05-05-2010 05:32 AM

I see no reason why he shouldnt be able to jump (unless, as mentioned above, he has health issues). As to what height he can jump, depends on his ability but we have small ponies that easily jump 3ft. It all depends on their natural ability.

I think you'd train him to jump the same way you'd train an english horse to jump. As you mentioned he is lasy with his feet, low grids, trotting poles, raised trotting poles etc. are always a good place to start =)

upnover 05-05-2010 08:58 AM

Absolutely. Almost half the horses in our barn are quarter horses, and it's an H/J barn! And most of our school horses have a history of being western horses. I own a quarter pony that did nothing but roping and trail riding until the day I bought him. The first time he wore an english saddle was the day I tried him. Now he's goes in the show ring with beginner kids and wins all the time. Very fancy little guy!

The hardest thing for a horse to learn about jumping is where to put his legs and what to do with his body. Like Munschk said I'd start off with lots of poles (teaches him where to put his feet) and once he's jumping lots of gymnastics (really teaches a horse to jump).

brodieluver26 05-05-2010 03:46 PM

thank you very much for the replies :) i will try them with him and see how it goes

tealamutt 05-06-2010 08:36 PM

it might not be a bad idea to get a trainer with some experience too, at least in the beginning- to make sure you don't go too fast and put him off of jumping by accident.

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