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Jr_lover 01-20-2008 12:17 AM

Snow in GA!! (pic overload)
Today it snowed finally in GEORGIA!! lol well my part of GA that never really snows here but yea i got lots of pics!!!

this is my yard all snowy

the doggy i adopted lol i see him all the time on my way to the barn. He's actually my neighbors dog.

Junior and Mickey looking at me

Juniors like come here mommy come here!!

Snow mommy SNOW!!

Junior showing his butt to Mickey being all mean (you can't see it but Junior had his ears back when i took the pic)

No mommy don't go near Mickey.(he kept putting his butt torwards me whenever i went torwards where Mickey was at. lol he doesn't like sharing his mommy.)

Gosh look at him mommy.

I luv yew mommy!!

The round pen all snowy

All the horses eating hay.

June June

Joe (my friends Tennesee walker)

Peachez (my other friends Quarter horse)

Molly the mule

and last but not least (lol) Mickey the ArabianXAppaloosa

well thats about it. thanks for checking the pics out.

gkturnerjr 01-20-2008 12:21 AM

nice pics
i enjoyed the one with the horse holding his head out like licking the

horses are clowns sometimes
thank you for sharing those pics

Jr_lover 01-20-2008 12:24 AM

thanx i luv that one too it looks kinda like he is smiling :D

PoptartShop 01-20-2008 01:00 AM

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Aww they are all so cute; nice doggie too. :D
They look soo sweet!

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