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Mingiz 05-09-2010 09:54 PM

My ride today
I rode at a friend's farm and the surrounding areas She has access to the beach on the Chesapeake Bay This was my Reno's first time on a beach..Had a good Mothers Day

The Chesapeake Bay

A house being built It's taller than the trees

Ruth & Bazyl

MyBoyPuck 05-10-2010 12:35 AM

Okay....jealous here!!!! That beach looks so inviting. Not too many stretches that long up here where we can take horses. What a nice way to spend the day.

grayshell38 05-10-2010 02:49 AM

Arab! Pretty!! That was my thought process looking at these. LOL. Nice looking place, hope you had fun.

Mingiz 05-10-2010 07:02 AM

It was a good ride except the winds were gusting pretty good which made you sit a lil deeper in the saddle. Reno loves water but he didn't care to much when a wave would roll up on the beach..After awhile he was ok and wanted to try and cross the bay I was oh no not today water way to cold and new camera on board....So when the water temps warm up we're going swimming...

QOS 05-10-2010 09:15 PM

What a gorgeous view!!! I am pea green with envy!

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