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We Control The Chaos 01-21-2008 10:58 AM

Higher Legues of Jumping
Okay. I have a 15'3, 7 YO, QH, named Doc. I have had him since September, and been riding him for about a year. He is very athletic and has a lot of growing room (JUMPING WISE) Right now I have been jumping him around 3ft normally, and we jump 3'6-3'9 on occasions. I don't want to jump him that high constantly quite yet, because he has a bit of a stifle problem. That i'm almost positive isn't there anymore (im waiting for my vet to come out and check on that) so I just want to be carefull. But I'm really sure that he is ready to start competively jumping above 3ft. I don't see my trainer often other than weekly lessons. So I was wondering how I go about training him to jump 3ft and above spreads, oxers, you know. Real jumping. I have been riding for 8 years. And have compeated that. Just not on my own horse. The horse I rode was very experiencd. I know Doc's limits, so all I need to know is how to go about it?

This is Doc and I jumping 3'9

Yes I know it doesn't look that high. Please don't give me any greif about it...It was the angle the photo was taken at. Thank you

So If anyone could help me out. That would be so great. I just want to take my horse to the full limits that he can go.

And he can go far. :D

JustDressageIt 01-21-2008 07:44 PM

- Make sure your flatwork is good. When I started out jumping over 3'6" I had to take 6 months off just to work on my dressage so my mare could collect herself up and under herself properly. Then we could get the distances and shorten and lengthen her accordingly through a course. The dressage also helps develop the muscles to make jumping that height easier.
- Take things slow, the last thing you want is ligament damage.
- Make sure you use training boots (splint boots) while training, this helps to prevent a lot of injuries that may happen.
- If your horse is having a problem with his/her bascule over the fence, do not move on to higher heights before you correct it.
- jumping oxers: I suggest starting with staggered heights (i.e. if the back pole is 3'6", make the front pole a tad lower so the horse can see it.) Do this until your horse understands your cues for an oxer.
- Make sure you are not "chipping" your fences at a lower height. This will lead to problems at the higher height.
- Introduce high courses slowly - start with one fence a 3'6" and the rest around 3' and then once you and your horse feel ready, THEN start introducing more fences.

Well I hope that helped.. I'm not just about dressage! My main focus for 13 years was hunter/jumper :) (I just believe that dressage is the basis for all riding)

We Control The Chaos 01-21-2008 08:18 PM

Thanks so much. As much as I am absoulty bored to death by Dressage...your right. It is. Thanks so much for your help. :D

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