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Rachluvshorses4eva 01-22-2008 04:54 AM

Hey all you cowboys and cowgirls out there! :lol:

I was just wondering, do any of you guys have Skype? We do (my family) our user-name is TheScotts2007 heheh!

Do you have Skype?

Stepher 01-22-2008 12:20 PM

umm.. what is it?

meggymoo 01-22-2008 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by Stepher
umm.. what is it?

:oops: I second that..... I have no idea what it is either.

I Love Lane 01-22-2008 10:57 PM

my parents have it. I think it is only in Australia to Rach, can be used all over the world but is from here :wink:

Rachluvshorses4eva 01-23-2008 02:37 AM

So I love lane, what's there username?

To everyone else, it is like a web came where you can see your family and friends and talk to the. I think you might of heard of it, but just not Skype.

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