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GrittyCowgirl 05-15-2010 10:24 PM

Preggo mare is holding out...
Went down to the barn tonight, organized the tack room, fixed some fence and got ready to feed when I noticed my mare acting odd. She suddenly started laying down and looking at her flank area then getting up, swishing her tail around like a mad woman, not interested in feed at all. I called the hubby and told him what was going on. He came down and sat with me for about an hour before 2 car loads of his family pile into the barn... he gave his mother the update before coming to the barn (She has been very excited to see this foal and brought all the grandkids to see... Oh and this is a very loud family. Needless to say everything came to a screeching halt! Mare started acting normal, eating and napping and hubby got "the look" as soon as everyone left. I plan on going back down to the barn later and checking on her. She is due any day so Iím hoping things start moving along again. The only sign she hasn't shown of being close to foaling is waxing up, plus she is a maiden mare so Iím unsure what to expect of her. What do you guys think? Do you have any mares that donít completely bag up/ wax up before foaling?

JB44 05-15-2010 10:39 PM

many maidens don't wax. also, they wait for quiet peaceful times. having an audience is a great way to shut it down. once they get to the sweating and pacing stage, they can't shut it down so easily. but early on, they can put it off if they don't feel totally safe. it's a defense from days in the wild when the herds had to run from predators.

same thing with lights. if you leave lights on so you can watch, they often put it off. do you have a camera hooked up to watch on a monitor? red light shows up real well on a camera, but isn't bright to the mare.

Alexart 05-16-2010 04:53 AM

A maiden needs peace and quiet to foal in - foaling is not for a bunch of loud noisy kids at all!!! You could seriously jeopardize her and the foal by doing that again, it can all go very pear shaped very quickly with maidens and if they do foal when there is a pile of people about they can even abandon the foal or foal standing up - which you want to avoid, their first foaling experience is very important as to how they react if bred from again.
2 quiet people tops, and she should barely know you're there, with maidens and as little interference as possible. If you want the kids to see a foaling - video it - and let them meet mare and baby when all is over and done and they have bonded well and baby is up, dry and feeding well.
Good luck but please respect your mares needs!

qtrsnkids 05-17-2010 02:37 PM

My maiden mare showed no signs at all. I would go into the barn every night and groom her. No waxing, or anything. But that night she really was enjoying Keep us posted.

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