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flytobecat 05-16-2010 02:05 AM

Need a new saddle -any suggestions?
I need to get another saddle. I trail ride mostly. I'm looking for something light,comfortable for me and the horse, & inexpensive. I really like the Big Horn Endurance saddle with the flex tree & the "Cheyenne" Barefoot saddle (its a treeless saddle).
Does anyone have experience with these or suggestions about something similar?:-P

smrobs 05-16-2010 02:09 AM

I don't have any experience with those but I do know that I have a Simco saddle that is very comfortable and well made. It was also very affordable.

This company can make you a custom saddle for a very decent price. I have yet to hear a bad word spoken about them. My brother has one that I have ridden in and it was the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in and I am going to put an order in for one for myself sometime this week.

Polaris 05-16-2010 08:44 AM

Have you considered the Circle Y Flex tree saddles? They are lightweight and very comfortable. I have one myself and love it.

flytobecat 05-16-2010 09:36 AM

I really like the Circle Y flex trees, but new they are a little bit out my price range. Both the saddles I mentioned are around $1000 new.
I've heard Simco's are nice saddles. I know a couple people who have had them, but had never ridden in one my self. Does it cost a lot to have one custom fit?
My current saddle fits one horse but not the other. I wanted to get something that would possibly fit both. That is why I was looking at the treeless & the flex trees.

iridehorses 05-16-2010 09:53 AM

While Corriente makes a great affordable saddle (and I loved the one I had until I got a new horse that it didn't fit), you have to have a horse with the right build for it. There is only one size tree - a 7"+ gullet and full quarter horse bars. It is a well made, very heavy saddle but if your horse doesn't fit that size, it isn't going to work.

A member here, Kevin at SouthernTrailsGA may be able to help you out. Western Saddles, Trail Saddles, Barrel Saddle, Ranch Saddle I'm in the process of fitting the new mare to one of his saddles.

If you have a horse with very different body types, you really need two saddles. The flex trees are good up to a point but if you have a horse that takes a semi QH bar and another that is a full QH bar, no saddle will truly fit both.

flytobecat 05-17-2010 12:46 AM

Thanks for letting me know about SouthernTrails. I checked out their website & like what I see. I'ld be curious to know how you like your saddle once you get it.
I'm probalby going to have to get a saddle just for my younger horse. She's a little bit narrower & has a shorter back than my older mare. The full quarter horse bar saddle I have now is too long for her & leaves big dry spots by the shoulders.
Someone told me the treeless saddles will fit just about any horse. I've rode in them. They are really comfortable, but I'm still a little leery.

iridehorses 05-17-2010 07:02 AM

The bars on your saddle have noting to do with the length; and if you are getting dry spots by the shoulder, it has to do with the spread of the bars not the length.

A shorter backed horse can usually benefit from a round shirt saddle due to the typically shorter overall length, although you can sometimes find shorter square skirt saddles too. One of the things I like about Kevin is that you can talk directly with him and he can walk you through some of the steps in fitting your saddle. He also has a set of gauges he can send you but there is a sticky at the start of this forum that I made which can help you make a form to send him.

luvs2ride1979 05-17-2010 10:01 AM

I have a Black Forest treeless saddle and really like it! I use a Skito Treeless Half pad with it and the combo fiits most of my horses very well. I have had no back issues with any of my horses, and I am a heavyweight rider. The saddle stays pretty stable too. I use a mohair string girth and a breastcollar when we're on hilly trails.

The pommel on the BF saddle comes out, so you can change the fit for a horse that is wider or has higher withers. The Barefoot saddles have the same option. Black Forest saddles are just a bit cheaper ;-).

corinowalk 05-17-2010 10:53 AM

I love my big horn. I have the synthetic trail saddle and a regular pleasure saddle and they are both great. They sit comfortable and are a good fit for your 'average' horse. Mine both have semi-bars and they fit my QH and just about everybody in the barn. The only thing I could say bad about them is the synthetic is very quick to loosen. If your just poking around on trail, its fine. If you are doing rigorous trail riding, I would try something else.

flytobecat 05-18-2010 12:52 AM

I was wondering if the Big Horn's would hold up. Not sure what you would call rigorous trail riding? We ride in a lot of brush. Not a lot of loping, mostly walking & trotting.
Luvstoride, do the treeless hold up well. I don't want something that is going to start coming apart at the seams.
Iridehorses -what sticky?

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