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ThatNinjaHorse 05-16-2010 04:25 AM

New Horse
"Lone Pine Rhythm"
ASH, 19 months.
We went down to the Australian Stock horse Fountain of Youth sale, held at the national show, just to have a look. Mum decides she wants to register for a number, :shock:, and anyway, we now have a new horse!

I've kinda of..'claimed' her.. hehe.
I was told by the previous owners i have to take her back in two years for the futurity. yeah no pressure...:lol:

Ive got a video of her trotting and having a bit of a jump around, just need to find the cord for the video camera :?

ChingazMyBoy 05-16-2010 04:26 AM

Stunning :) Love the last picture!

wild_spot 05-16-2010 04:36 AM

Lovely girl!

My Bundy is Lone Pine Josh - They mgiht be related! I'll look her up tomorrow and have a squiz :]

Was Ken Turner the vendor, or had he sold her before the sale?

She really looks like she'll turn into a nice type. I'm jealous! I have friends who were at the sale and I haven't heard if they bought or not, lol.

ThatNinjaHorse 05-16-2010 04:45 AM

wow they could be! that'd be cool

Yeah the vendor was Ken :)

I have a few photos and the prices the horses went for, ill post them in another thread when they're uploaded

wild_spot 05-16-2010 05:23 AM

Oh that would be great! I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to go.

I was at Yass show with Ken a couple of months ago - Apparently he was watching us in pleasure hack and said to his son - Nice horse, he might win this. We did, and then in the next class, he was like DUH! I bred that horse. Lol.

ThatNinjaHorse 05-16-2010 06:17 AM

haha that would have been funny!

They're uploaded, well..some of them, i took a few hundred...
Didnt put the prices up but can if you want me to, and ive got photos of each lot up to about 24.

donnamikel 05-16-2010 05:58 PM

What a pretty baby!!!!!!!

paintluver 05-16-2010 06:03 PM

Wow she is very pretty!

roro 05-16-2010 06:31 PM

Congratulations! Love the coloring on her, and what a defined head!

ThatNinjaHorse 05-17-2010 04:45 AM

Thanks everyone.
Yeah i really like her, we may be taking her to the national show they're having on 31st July and 1st August, at Warwick QLD. It will be her first show, so she'll be chucked in the deap end. I guess we'll find out how she's going to go real quick haha

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