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nybarrelracer 02-01-2007 03:30 PM

WANTED! Barrel Racing mare
I am looking for a mare that is has had experince in barrelracing and pole bending. I would like a mare that is in the age range of 3-11, hight 15-16, breed AQHA, Paint, or arabion price range will be 0-1000.

Trailblazers 02-02-2007 12:21 AM

I have read several of your topics and I feel if your such a good trainer why don`t you retrain one of the 10-horses you already have.

Trailblazers 02-02-2007 11:08 PM


Here are some things you need to know. First i do not have 10 horses any more I had two die this year due to old age so that leaves me with 5-horses one of thoses is a yearling and 3-ponies, second all most all of my horse are in there 20s except my yearling colt and my 11 year old arabion gelding, third i do not like the way you are treeting me so i would love it if you would stop hassling.

First of all I am not harshing you, and secondly you said you were barrel racing your 29yr old mare. You wrote in your post about training that you are an excellant trainer, and with the methods you use you have no trouble with any horse. Why not train your arabian or one of your others for barrels? As long as a horse in their 20s has no leg issues then they will be fine, and alot of people still compete with horses in their 20s all the time.

Trailblazers 02-03-2007 07:32 AM

read this

read thismy 29 year old mare can't compeet any more she got kicked behind the sholder and is sore so she is not going to compeet. my arabion is getting trainded for barrels but i am in need of a back up hores and i would like a i would like to know way that is so bad.

well you still have the other large ponies you can retrain to barrels.
you said, all you horses are pony size except two the Arabian and the colt,which is to young to train.

bubba13 02-03-2007 07:36 PM

Trailblazer: Do you know anything about barrel racing? I have no clue why you're bashing NY. First off, if horses aren't started on barrels by the time they're about seven they'll probably never go anywhere. Second, horses should usually be retired from barrels by 18 because it's very hard on their legs and minds. Very few ponies will make good barrel horses, and even fewer Arabians. News flash: Not any horse can make a barrel horse. There are hundreds of factors, among them breeding, conformation, intelligence, heart, mind, and soundness.

I don't have a horse for you, NY, but you'll be lucky if you can get any sort of barrel horse for $1000. Even a 3D horse will run you about $3500. A 1D horse will be anywhere from $8000 to $50,000, and I would avoid Arabs, if I were you. If you're just going on a local circuit, just buy any suitable horse and pay someone to train it for you.

Trailblazers 02-03-2007 09:23 PM

I know what I am talking about been barrel racing for years, and i am a horse trainer myself. And your opinion of arabians is VERY wrong. I've seen alot of arabs make better barrel/pole horses than alot of other horses. Arabs are very sturdy and built, versitile. There is also alot of ponies that make very nice barrel mounts. NO a horse doesnt have to be trained by 7yrs old to be any good.
I wasnt bashing nybarrelracer. She already has all these horses/ponies, and is such a good trainer. Why don't she train her arab or one of the others for training? When she is only showing in local shows anyway.


Her arab will make a fine barrel horse with some extra time but into him. Her horse that got kicked was doing good last year. and she has a mare in her teens that can be started on barrels.


englishcowgrl 02-05-2007 07:13 PM

Okay , Okay no more fighting...
NY: i sugest looking on or another site like thst
Trailblazer: all she ask was if anyone knew or had a barrel racing mare for sale okay... if she wanted to re-train any of her horses she would have ok? okay, problem solved

barnrat 02-05-2007 11:45 PM

guys....dont fight.....Let Nybarrelracer do what she wants....if she wants another horse....maybe even one she can train and get far with then let her.. Its not your choice...its hers....

Miischiief 02-06-2007 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by barnrat
guys....dont fight.....Let Nybarrelracer do what she wants....if she wants another horse....maybe even one she can train and get far with then let her.. Its not your choice...its hers....


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